Monday, 5 December 2016

A Poundland Christmas

Poundland Christmas

I'm no stranger to Poundland, I'm a bargain hunter and I see absolutely no point in paying more than I have to. I usually pop into Poundland for essentials like batteries, branded cleaning products and the occasional craft bits. So when I was asked to shop at Poundland for Christmas gifts and gift wrap I was totally up for the challenge!

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Christmas Traditions Check List

Christmas Traditions - C H E C K  L I S T

I did warn you that the prep for Christmas in my house has already begun! As the little lads get older and more engulfed in the spirit of Christmas the more Christmas traditions I've added. I didn't realise that they had even become traditions at all until I asked Tiger and Beaux if they would prefer not to have the DIY Advent Calendar I make each year and have a Lego Advent instead, they looked at me as if I had told them that I had put out a hit on Father Christmas!!!

Tiger said it was one of his favourite things about Christmas, that and the Christmas Eve Box. So I guess these traditions will be here to stay and actually I love the thought that when they are grown and look back at their Christmas they will have lots of fond memories and may even continue some of the traditions with their own families.


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Cool Kids Christmas Jumpers

Apologies in advance for all of you who are not quite ready for the Christmas chat but I am so excited about Christmas this year and absolutely love all the build up!

The Christmas jumper is one of our many traditions and i've been on the look out for the coolest christmas jumpers for the kids. Tiger in particular will moan quite a lot about the itchiness of a Christmas jumper so I have been keeping a beady eye out for sweater, cotton jumper and long sleeved t-shirt types! Who said Christmas jumper should itch, be handed knitted by your Granny and must be at least two sizes too big! Not us, this year we will be keeping it cool . Here are some of my favourite Cool Kids Christmas Jumpers, all available now on the high street.
1.  George at ASDA Sweater from £8 (it lights up too!)
2. H&M Slogan Cotton Jumper £6.99 
3. Zara Jacquard Cardigan £23.99
4. H&M 'Santa I can explain' Jumper £6.99
5. Riverisland Ski Slopes Jumper £14.99
6. H&M Star Wars Long Sleeved T-Shirt £6.99
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