Thursday, 28 February 2013

Little Chortles Part 4

(When collecting Tiger from nursery, all the other children hand their mummy pictures they have drawn for them, Tiger hands me a blank piece of paper)
Tiger: look mummy!! (excited)
Mummy: what am I looking at?
Tiger: oh nothing but I will draw you a picture later!

Daddy: Do you want Sugar Puffs or Coco Pops?
Tiger: I will have Sugar Pops!

"Lets just brush the front teeth tonight, the back ones are perfectly clean! I didn't use those today!"

"Mummy! Mummy! Look I've done a broken poo!"

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tiger's Pick

Tiger chose this cap himself only £3.99 from H&M

H&M have another 4 other designs which are equally as cool

Tiger never really cares what I dress him in as long as isn't pink and given the chance he would dress every day in either his skellie or buzz light year costume!

However he does have very good taste in clothes, often tells me he 'likes the colour of that boys coat' or thinks 'those trainers are cool' and usually they are (to my surprise) really nice! He even once told his auntie that a pair of red high heel shoes would look nice on her and she almost bought them! But decided that taking fashion advise from a 3 year old might be taking it a bit too far!!

When out shopping for Tiger to keep him interested and to stop him swinging from the other hanging clothes! I let him pick the colour of the tee or trainers etc...and he enjoys telling everyone he chose it 'all by himself'.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Little Chortles Part 3

"What's shaking baby?!"

Daddy: What time is it?
Tiger: 20 pounds!

'Heat'iator = Radiator

Mummy: WOW!! That drawing is brilliant
Tiger: Yes, yes it is brilliant isn't it?!

(looking at a photo) "This photo is of me & us!"

Wedding Suited & Booted

We went to a rather posh wedding this weekend, it was the misters cousin's wedding and because of distance we rarely see them so had to make sure the boys were looking their best! They both did me proud!

This is the first time I'd put Tiger in a suit, the last wedding we went to I opted for a more casual look of tan chinos, white shirt and London city bow tie (which was super cute! I bought it from Topman, I often buy accessories from Topman for Tiger as a mans wooly hat looks like a great oversized wooly hat on him!) and now that he's older I thought he would be ready for a suit.

I originally bought a gorgeous waistcoat, shirt and brilliant doggy tie from Next which cost £25 but returned it when I stumbled on this waistcoat, shirt and tie set from Peacock!! (I never shop in Peacock but I also never rule out browsing in any shop) and was delighted when I found this set for only £5 in the sale (originally £15) after the wedding I can mix the set with casual clothes so he can get more wears out of them. I love the trousers, I thought it would take me ages to find as I am particular about the shape of trousers but these are skinny suit trousers from Next £13, great colour and fit! And I ADORE these brogues, they are really light weight and have great grip so Tiger can still happily run about in them H&M £12, Tiger is usually only use to wearing different styles and colours of Converse trainers (I'm a Converse junkie!) so took some convincing to get them on him, I told him he looked just like daddy going to work in his 'big boy' suit and shinny shoes and he was sold!!

As I've mentioned before I don't like putting Beaux in restrictive clothing but still wanted him to be smart. I had seen these tuxedo Rompers before but couldn't find them anywhere on the high street (I think I would have had more luck around Christmas time) so hunted for one on trusty old eBay! I couldn't find one that I liked the shape/design of in the UK and as I still had plenty of time I ordered this from a eBay shop in Hong Kong £10, I had never bought anything from Hong Kong before and wasn't sure if it would get stuck in customs but it arrived without any problems in just over a week! however I was a little disappointed as it was all print (which I couldn't tell from the photo, the downside of online ordering!) but I turned to trusty and talented Granny and she knocked up a small bow tie out of some material she had and sewed it on and voila! It really made all the difference! He received plenty of oohs, aahs and cooing at the wedding and looked adorably smart.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Disneyland Paris

Beaux and I snuck back to the hotel for a feed, change and little kick about

Newport Bay Hotel

We visited Disneyland Paris this half term, once we finally arrived (we originally ended up in Belgium! TWICE!! and have learnt our lesson not rely 100% on the sat nav!) Disneyland was all we expected it to be and we all had a great time. Baby Beaux was a little under the weather so spent most of the time snuggled up in his pushchair asleep or just taking in the sights.

What made it even more magical was the price! A friend who also recently visited Disneyland and had a fabulous time told me about a deal she had found in The Sun newspaper. We never buy The Sun and are always a bit dubious about their deals, I imagined it would only have off peak, no half term dates and only the crummiest hotels/rooms available but it was completely the opposite. The original deal was to collect 10 tokens cut outs from the newspaper and for £9.50 (2 adults and 2 children) you could have a day pass for the Disneyland Park, with P&O ferry from Dover to Calais (return) which in itself is brilliant! But having done the trip it would have been very tiring as a day trip.There were upgrade options, you could choose to stay at all of the Disneyland hotels (cheapest £99 for 1 night and staying at the hotels meant you could have entry to the park earlier than the general public) you could also choose to add more park days all at discounted prices. As it was our first time and as the kids are still quite young we chose to stay at the Newport Bay Hotel for 2 nights and park for 1 day which for 2 adults, 2 children (children under 1 are free) cost £329, when I checked what it would cost directly online with Disneyland it was at least 50% more expensive and that wasn't even including ferry travel! So in all an excellent deal, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the same deal and go again!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Charity Shop Challenge

Do you like Tigers outfit? Well he is head to ankle (not quite toe, the leather Converse are 'like news' from eBay) in various charity shops gems! I can't remember the price I paid for each item but it would never be more than a few quid! The brown leather jacket is originally from Zara Kids, the Ghost Busters Sweater is vintage and the Jeans were originally from H&M (they weren't bought with the ripped knees, just another customised 'skid practice' pair by Tiger)

You might think that you would get better finds from the 'affluent areas' as you could possibly get the odd designer item but in my experience I get my best finds in my local charity shops and the more cluttered it is the better!

I also love vintage items for myself and some of my best loved pieces are from my local charity shop.

We donate a lot of our own clothes, shoes and toys as well as buying and it really is nice to think we've played a little part to contributing, so take up the Charity Shop Challenge and see what treasures you can find!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Little Chortles Part 2

(showers broken) "oh dear we will need a new house!"

"oh look its snowing, it must be Christmas Eve again" (wishful thinking!)

Tiger: Lentil is always sad, she never smiles!
Daddy: Lentil is a cat, cats can't smile!

"mummy I like your hair straight, when it's straight it's lovely and soft! When it's curly it feels like twigs!"

Mummy: How did you get to be so cute?!
Tiger: I eat lollipops!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Emma Buntons Baby Range

I'm a fuss pot when it comes to buying gifts for, especially clothes for the little lads as I have a very particular taste so I do tend to get given vouchers (which is fine by me) However my sister who luckily for me is a trendy wendy bought Baby Beaux a couple of rompers, she knows her nephews well and is aware that I only put Beaux in non restrictive clothes and that I LOVE knitted Rompers! I never even knew that Emma Bunton did a baby's wear range for Argos, to be honest I never even knew Argos did clothes, let alone anything nice! Her baby collection is gorgeous! really well made, reasonably priced, great colours and designs and importantly for me wash well without losing their shape. If you are like me and love your baby in rompers definitely check out her collection.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Monday, 11 February 2013

Christening outfits

We went to a good friends christening at the weekend, the outfit of course I planned weeks ago! We're also going to a wedding in a few weeks where the boys will be suited and booted. I had to buy everything new as all of Tigers 'smart' clothes he had grown out of and Beaux doesn't own smart clothes as I like to dress him for comfort so for now he lives in Rompers.

I could of let Tiger mix & match his new wedding suit trousers and super cool brogues with a simple shirt but quite simply I didn't trust him not to practice his skids in them!! I didn't want to buy yet another pair of shoes (which will only get a couple of wears out of before he grows out of them) so opted for a new pair of boots that he can wear any time especially as its still super freezing!! I managed to 'eBay swipe' (more detail on how to become a eBay swipper coming soon!) these cool little like new leather Next boots for only £1.44!! The shirt is from Mothercare £8 I never usually shop at Mothercare for Tiger just because I think of it as a 'traditional' clothes shop for under 1s but I stumbled on it and think it will look great casually, sleeves roughly rolled up, his well practiced skid torn skinny jeans and any old tee so will be worn loads. The Chinos are from Primark £5 they're quite nicely shaped (although would have liked them if they were a bit skinnier) but stick a pair of old Converse on and he will be happy runny about at nursery in them! Tiger-Check!

As I mentioned earlier, I don't like Beaux to wear restrictive clothes so trousers were out! So thought I would hunt for a pair of dungarees, these little beauties are from H&M £8 I love the slate grey, its jersey material so plenty of stretch and kick room too! The body suit is also from H&M, I always buy my body suits from there as the designs are always lovely and they never lose their shape or colour when you wash, Beaux has plenty of Tigers 'hand me downs' that still look new!


Saturday, 9 February 2013

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A Little About Me...

So here's the idea... I'm a mum of two gorgeous (if i must say so myself) boys and a beautiful step daughter (well she will be when we finally get married! Don't worry I am not a crazy lady we are engaged antique ring and everything but we are yet to set a date)

...gezze i dont half go on sometimes!

So anyway im forever shopping! Its so bad that my partner needs to just mention that we need something new and before he has had a chance to finish his sentence i've researched it, grabbed a bargain and its on its way! The beauty of an Iphone!! However as i've become a mum im finding that I am less interested in shopping for myself (although little vintage goodies are still a hobby of mine) but for my family, especially my little lads. I begrudingly buy things full price and you will always find me riffling through sale rails, at a car boot sale in charity shops or more often when life's busy, online shopping especially ebay.

Throughout my shopping journey and especially with boys there are certains things I can not find from toys to gadgets to unusual clothes, that or I am searching for ages, so my idea is to put all of these things into one place, on HERE! with other bargains I find, products I can't live without or things which are just too adorable not to be mentioned.

I hope you enjoy and find useful. Please comment, I am always looking for inspiration and ideas.

Love C xxx


Friday, 8 February 2013

Colour Pop Jeans

This is how Tiger likes to watch his favorite films
I love Tiger in skinny colour pop jeans, I personally don't like to spend a fortune on my boys clothes, I wont lie I like them to always look nice but they are still boys who like 'practice their skids' and I wouldn't want to be worrying about the price of the jeans which will shortly have knobbly knees poking out of them! I am always being told by other mums that they like his jean and where do I get them from. Well I have a little secret for you, they are £5.00 from Primark (that's not the secret, I often shop in Primark) but that they can be found in the girls section! I always find the girls jeans always have a larger selection, their jeans are always better shaped and have stretch so are not restrictive for when he's climbing pretending to be Spiderman! As long as there are no tell tell signs why not?


Thursday, 7 February 2013

I heart my BebePOD

Most parents are all for 'The Bumbo Seat' and are always recommending them for when baby is about 3 months old and can hold their head up but (here goes) I hate them, I hate the horrible colours they come in, I hate the horrible airplane type tray that comes with it, I hate the price of it and I most of all I hate that my chunky little monkey's couldn't fit into them! well they could but when it came to lifting them out they had the horrid little thing stuck to their bum!

So I was desperately searching online for an alternative when I came across the Prince Lionheart BebePOD Flex Plus (bit of a mouth full) and I love it and Baby Beaux agrees, I love the vibrant funky colours they come in along with cool kiwi or watermelon place mats, I love how the tray slides on, I love the toy available with it and most importantly I love the space and support it gives Baby Beaux.

Rant Over! :0))

BebePOD Tray with Kiwi place mat

Prince Lionheart bebePOD Flex Plus£29.98 from Bambio Direct
BebePOD with spinning Toy


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Little Chortles

"Look Mummy long ice cubes" (icicles)

Q: Do you know how we are getting to Disneyland?
A: YES! On a very large skateboard!

Tiger on Chinese Spare Ribs "I've never eaten bones before, they are very nice"

"Mummy I can't sit on your legs they feel just like hedgehogs"

Tiger: This is taking THREEever
Mummy: No darling it's forever. This is taking forever
Tiger: No its not because I'm 3 I'm not 4 yet!


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Vintage Knitted Cardigan

Why did knitted cardigans, hats and booties for babies ever have to go out of fashion?! I love them and suppose are called 'vintage' now. I discovered this knitted gem in a charity shop, it was new and had been donated by someone who just loved to knit, how lovely! The detail is amazing  and I think the large wooden toggles make all the difference. Only downside is I have to hand wash it which means it does tend to stay in the bottom of the wash basket until I muster up the will to wash it but it is well worth it.
Baby Beau with his beloved Sophie Giraffe

I shouldn't really post this photo as its so over exposed, but I just love  it!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Something for just me

Sometimes when you are a full time mum you are so wrapped up in being a mum that you can forget to be you. I love my little ones dearly and do the best I can but one day it hit me that I was no longer me! I had become just 'Tiger's & Beaux's mum' and I realised that in a normal day I answered to Tiger's mum or mummy more than I did my own name. It made me quite sad especially when I realised that I didn't do anything just for me any more, so decided I needed a hobby (other than shopping!)

I was given a DSLR Nikon D3100 for Christmas last year and generally shot in 'auto mode' so decided it was about time I learned what all those lines and squiggles on the back of the screen were all about so enrolled in a beginners evening photography course at our local college. I started a few weeks ago and its been great, other than the obvious (getting to know my camera) its been lovely meeting new people with the same interest, just getting out and getting out of mummy mode and being me without the distraction and sometimes barrier of the kiddies. It also gave me something new to talk about with my partner. I think doing courses will definitely be my new thing.

Putting my new skills to practice


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Getting back into 'those' jeans

So I am trying to lose some weight/tone up ive started to watch what i eat (and no not as it goes into my mouth) but like most mums I can never find the time to exercise! So decided to try and incorporate exercise into my daily routines, things I have to do on a daily basis, for example I have to drop and collect Tiger at nursery every day, it's a 10/15 minutes journey so if I walk/power walk or jog (Tiger loves it when we jog, we've made up a game where we pretend to bump into all the lamp posts we see on the way) that in total is a min of 40 mins of exercise 5 days a week. Also separately Tiger and I have brilliant conversations talking about the world around us or what he's been up to at nursery. He has my full attention unlike when I am driving.

I also try to include baby Beaux in this. He is a typical bouncing baby boy and loves bouncing on my lap strengthening his little legs. So whilst he's having a good bounce, I lift him a little higher every other bounce sucking in my stomach. I know it seems a little simple but it's really effective! The tops of my arms are aching after a little session!

Another one to try with baby is if you are having to stand and rock them to settle them, I always try to remember to suck in my stomach and tuck in my bum! You can even do your pelvic floors if you are a true multi tasker!

These are only very light exercise but it's a start and better than doing nothing.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Crochet Blanket

There is nothing sweeter than wrapping up your tiny little newborn in a lovely soft blanket whilst inhaling their head and stealing all their little newborn scent. I think choosing the right blanket is so important as you use it so frequently, whether its for wrapping them up and keeping them warm or laying it on the carpet for them to have a little kick about. I also think its a lovely piece to have to tucked away in their little keep sake box and not to mention all the photos it will be featured in so why not take time choosing the right one?

Whilst shopping for baby with my mum  and sister I saw a lovely blanket in Mamas & Papas it wasn't the traditional baby colours of pale pink, pale blues and creams (snore) it had a vintage feel however it was pink, purples, browns and greens and quite obviously meant for a baby girl, being the control freak (that I have now come to terms with being) I knew I was having a baby boy so it wasn't suitable. After making doe eyes at it my darling and forever resourceful mother exclaims that she can crotchet a blanket just like it in my choice of colours, I literally almost wet myself with excitement (weak bladder and all that)

We chose the wool together and she got to work and created not one but 3 different sized blankets. A beautiful and unique gift to her unborn grandson. I love them so much, I often get asked where I bought it from and I do secretly love saying that it was hand knitted by my mum. I think she's a very talented lady and should offer her knitting services out. I am sure there are others who would want bespoke blankets with their chosen colours?
Baby Beaux and his hand knitted blanket By Granny


Friday, 1 February 2013


So who remembers these? I do!! I loved my little froggy friends when I was a kid. I stumbled on a pair of these when I was at a local Car Boot Sale and was delighted when Tiger loved them too, I wasn't so delighted when I discovered they were a size too small! So the search for these froggy wellies were on! I didn't realise until later that they were called Wellipets which made my search all that harder so I turned to my trusty friend eBay! And low and behold I found them! Tiger couldn't wait for rain and even wanted me to take a photo to show daddy immediately.

 Wellipets £6.99 From eBay Shop



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