Saturday, 9 February 2013

A Little About Me...

So here's the idea... I'm a mum of two gorgeous (if i must say so myself) boys and a beautiful step daughter (well she will be when we finally get married! Don't worry I am not a crazy lady we are engaged antique ring and everything but we are yet to set a date)

...gezze i dont half go on sometimes!

So anyway im forever shopping! Its so bad that my partner needs to just mention that we need something new and before he has had a chance to finish his sentence i've researched it, grabbed a bargain and its on its way! The beauty of an Iphone!! However as i've become a mum im finding that I am less interested in shopping for myself (although little vintage goodies are still a hobby of mine) but for my family, especially my little lads. I begrudingly buy things full price and you will always find me riffling through sale rails, at a car boot sale in charity shops or more often when life's busy, online shopping especially ebay.

Throughout my shopping journey and especially with boys there are certains things I can not find from toys to gadgets to unusual clothes, that or I am searching for ages, so my idea is to put all of these things into one place, on HERE! with other bargains I find, products I can't live without or things which are just too adorable not to be mentioned.

I hope you enjoy and find useful. Please comment, I am always looking for inspiration and ideas.

Love C xxx


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