Sunday, 17 February 2013

Charity Shop Challenge

Do you like Tigers outfit? Well he is head to ankle (not quite toe, the leather Converse are 'like news' from eBay) in various charity shops gems! I can't remember the price I paid for each item but it would never be more than a few quid! The brown leather jacket is originally from Zara Kids, the Ghost Busters Sweater is vintage and the Jeans were originally from H&M (they weren't bought with the ripped knees, just another customised 'skid practice' pair by Tiger)

You might think that you would get better finds from the 'affluent areas' as you could possibly get the odd designer item but in my experience I get my best finds in my local charity shops and the more cluttered it is the better!

I also love vintage items for myself and some of my best loved pieces are from my local charity shop.

We donate a lot of our own clothes, shoes and toys as well as buying and it really is nice to think we've played a little part to contributing, so take up the Charity Shop Challenge and see what treasures you can find!


  1. Wow, you got a leather jacket from a charity shop!!!!

    He looks great in that whole outfit. Excellent tips.

    1. I know what a find! I actually found two that day! Thanks for commenting x


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