Monday, 11 February 2013

Christening outfits

We went to a good friends christening at the weekend, the outfit of course I planned weeks ago! We're also going to a wedding in a few weeks where the boys will be suited and booted. I had to buy everything new as all of Tigers 'smart' clothes he had grown out of and Beaux doesn't own smart clothes as I like to dress him for comfort so for now he lives in Rompers.

I could of let Tiger mix & match his new wedding suit trousers and super cool brogues with a simple shirt but quite simply I didn't trust him not to practice his skids in them!! I didn't want to buy yet another pair of shoes (which will only get a couple of wears out of before he grows out of them) so opted for a new pair of boots that he can wear any time especially as its still super freezing!! I managed to 'eBay swipe' (more detail on how to become a eBay swipper coming soon!) these cool little like new leather Next boots for only £1.44!! The shirt is from Mothercare £8 I never usually shop at Mothercare for Tiger just because I think of it as a 'traditional' clothes shop for under 1s but I stumbled on it and think it will look great casually, sleeves roughly rolled up, his well practiced skid torn skinny jeans and any old tee so will be worn loads. The Chinos are from Primark £5 they're quite nicely shaped (although would have liked them if they were a bit skinnier) but stick a pair of old Converse on and he will be happy runny about at nursery in them! Tiger-Check!

As I mentioned earlier, I don't like Beaux to wear restrictive clothes so trousers were out! So thought I would hunt for a pair of dungarees, these little beauties are from H&M £8 I love the slate grey, its jersey material so plenty of stretch and kick room too! The body suit is also from H&M, I always buy my body suits from there as the designs are always lovely and they never lose their shape or colour when you wash, Beaux has plenty of Tigers 'hand me downs' that still look new!


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