Friday, 8 February 2013

Colour Pop Jeans

This is how Tiger likes to watch his favorite films
I love Tiger in skinny colour pop jeans, I personally don't like to spend a fortune on my boys clothes, I wont lie I like them to always look nice but they are still boys who like 'practice their skids' and I wouldn't want to be worrying about the price of the jeans which will shortly have knobbly knees poking out of them! I am always being told by other mums that they like his jean and where do I get them from. Well I have a little secret for you, they are £5.00 from Primark (that's not the secret, I often shop in Primark) but that they can be found in the girls section! I always find the girls jeans always have a larger selection, their jeans are always better shaped and have stretch so are not restrictive for when he's climbing pretending to be Spiderman! As long as there are no tell tell signs why not?


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