Saturday, 2 February 2013

Crochet Blanket

There is nothing sweeter than wrapping up your tiny little newborn in a lovely soft blanket whilst inhaling their head and stealing all their little newborn scent. I think choosing the right blanket is so important as you use it so frequently, whether its for wrapping them up and keeping them warm or laying it on the carpet for them to have a little kick about. I also think its a lovely piece to have to tucked away in their little keep sake box and not to mention all the photos it will be featured in so why not take time choosing the right one?

Whilst shopping for baby with my mum  and sister I saw a lovely blanket in Mamas & Papas it wasn't the traditional baby colours of pale pink, pale blues and creams (snore) it had a vintage feel however it was pink, purples, browns and greens and quite obviously meant for a baby girl, being the control freak (that I have now come to terms with being) I knew I was having a baby boy so it wasn't suitable. After making doe eyes at it my darling and forever resourceful mother exclaims that she can crotchet a blanket just like it in my choice of colours, I literally almost wet myself with excitement (weak bladder and all that)

We chose the wool together and she got to work and created not one but 3 different sized blankets. A beautiful and unique gift to her unborn grandson. I love them so much, I often get asked where I bought it from and I do secretly love saying that it was hand knitted by my mum. I think she's a very talented lady and should offer her knitting services out. I am sure there are others who would want bespoke blankets with their chosen colours?
Baby Beaux and his hand knitted blanket By Granny


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