Thursday, 21 February 2013

Disneyland Paris

Beaux and I snuck back to the hotel for a feed, change and little kick about

Newport Bay Hotel

We visited Disneyland Paris this half term, once we finally arrived (we originally ended up in Belgium! TWICE!! and have learnt our lesson not rely 100% on the sat nav!) Disneyland was all we expected it to be and we all had a great time. Baby Beaux was a little under the weather so spent most of the time snuggled up in his pushchair asleep or just taking in the sights.

What made it even more magical was the price! A friend who also recently visited Disneyland and had a fabulous time told me about a deal she had found in The Sun newspaper. We never buy The Sun and are always a bit dubious about their deals, I imagined it would only have off peak, no half term dates and only the crummiest hotels/rooms available but it was completely the opposite. The original deal was to collect 10 tokens cut outs from the newspaper and for £9.50 (2 adults and 2 children) you could have a day pass for the Disneyland Park, with P&O ferry from Dover to Calais (return) which in itself is brilliant! But having done the trip it would have been very tiring as a day trip.There were upgrade options, you could choose to stay at all of the Disneyland hotels (cheapest £99 for 1 night and staying at the hotels meant you could have entry to the park earlier than the general public) you could also choose to add more park days all at discounted prices. As it was our first time and as the kids are still quite young we chose to stay at the Newport Bay Hotel for 2 nights and park for 1 day which for 2 adults, 2 children (children under 1 are free) cost £329, when I checked what it would cost directly online with Disneyland it was at least 50% more expensive and that wasn't even including ferry travel! So in all an excellent deal, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the same deal and go again!


  1. That is a great deal! We've been once but it was so expensive, we haven't been back again. Although the kids have begged for it. I remember being shocked at the equivalent of £4 for a bottle of water.

    1. It can be expensive, but I'm terrible always looking out for deals. Keep an eye out for 'Groupon Days Out' they always have deals for Disneyland Paris.


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