Sunday, 3 February 2013

Getting back into 'those' jeans

So I am trying to lose some weight/tone up ive started to watch what i eat (and no not as it goes into my mouth) but like most mums I can never find the time to exercise! So decided to try and incorporate exercise into my daily routines, things I have to do on a daily basis, for example I have to drop and collect Tiger at nursery every day, it's a 10/15 minutes journey so if I walk/power walk or jog (Tiger loves it when we jog, we've made up a game where we pretend to bump into all the lamp posts we see on the way) that in total is a min of 40 mins of exercise 5 days a week. Also separately Tiger and I have brilliant conversations talking about the world around us or what he's been up to at nursery. He has my full attention unlike when I am driving.

I also try to include baby Beaux in this. He is a typical bouncing baby boy and loves bouncing on my lap strengthening his little legs. So whilst he's having a good bounce, I lift him a little higher every other bounce sucking in my stomach. I know it seems a little simple but it's really effective! The tops of my arms are aching after a little session!

Another one to try with baby is if you are having to stand and rock them to settle them, I always try to remember to suck in my stomach and tuck in my bum! You can even do your pelvic floors if you are a true multi tasker!

These are only very light exercise but it's a start and better than doing nothing.

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