Monday, 4 February 2013

Something for just me

Sometimes when you are a full time mum you are so wrapped up in being a mum that you can forget to be you. I love my little ones dearly and do the best I can but one day it hit me that I was no longer me! I had become just 'Tiger's & Beaux's mum' and I realised that in a normal day I answered to Tiger's mum or mummy more than I did my own name. It made me quite sad especially when I realised that I didn't do anything just for me any more, so decided I needed a hobby (other than shopping!)

I was given a DSLR Nikon D3100 for Christmas last year and generally shot in 'auto mode' so decided it was about time I learned what all those lines and squiggles on the back of the screen were all about so enrolled in a beginners evening photography course at our local college. I started a few weeks ago and its been great, other than the obvious (getting to know my camera) its been lovely meeting new people with the same interest, just getting out and getting out of mummy mode and being me without the distraction and sometimes barrier of the kiddies. It also gave me something new to talk about with my partner. I think doing courses will definitely be my new thing.

Putting my new skills to practice


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