Friday, 29 March 2013

Little Chortles Part 8

"Can I have yorkshire in my gravy pudding?" = Can I have gravy in my yorkshire pudding?

"Blimey Pant!"

(Tiger sat in the drivers seat pretending to drive daddy's car)
Daddy: That's the indicator
Tiger: Whats indiecake?

(Still in daddy's car pointing at the car tax) "Do you know what that sticker says? It says this car is very dirty!"

"Oh! Sacre Bleu!" (said in a very English accent)

"Oh look, Lentil (our cat) is naked again" (I didn't know she had ever been clothed!)


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A dirty basket secret!

This is a little weird so please don't judge me, as you may have come to notice I have a bargain shopping habit. When money is low or the wardrobes are crammed and I can't find ways to justify buying anything else (well for that month anyway!) I will go online, spend ages looking, selecting the correct size and colour, adding it to the basket, reviewing the basket thinking about what the items will go with and then when I've played with it enough I will just delete it all! Close my laptop and carry on with my day, I honestly feel like I've had my fix, I haven't spent a penny and I have no guilt! I love it and do it often which got me thinking maybe I should post my finds so someone hopefully can benefit from my obsession, I will call it 'Little Musings' but still stay true to my shopping style of quirky, cool and truly affordable for our Little Lads and us mummies.

H&M Panda Cap £3.99 T-Shirt £4.99 Shorts £5.99 Sunglasses £2.99
Love this look! H&M T-Shirt £2.99 Shorts £9.99


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Argh flu again!!!

I can't believe we have all had two rounds of cold & flu! Meaning someone in our household has been ill every day for the past month!! It's a bit much for one mummy alone. Luckily my mum has been helping A LOT, so much so I'm considering giving her her own room!! or just locking her in the cupboard under the stairs so she can't get away...a bit much?!! Sorry I don't have much to blog about the past week (unless you fancy pics of snotty tissues!) So here's a few pics i've taken on my iPhone last week, call it a small run down, minus the running up and down the stairs to fetch drinks, medicine and food, wiping sticky snotty faces and the tears and cuddles (both me and the kiddies) Hopefully this is the last of it! If anyone knows of any home remedies I would really appreciate hearing them.

Sorry no prizes for noticing they are mostly taken from our big comfy bed!


Monday, 25 March 2013

Easter Bonnet for Boys

I've never made an Easter Bonnet before but Tigers nursery are having a Easter Bonnet parade and the best bonnet wins a prize, I have no idea what the prize is but I have a slightly competitive streak (my mister has just looked over my shoulder to see what I'm up to and laughed that I've actually done 'Easter bonnet designs') haha! maybe I should rein myself in a bit! Nah! I'm going all out!! I'm thinking sophisticated black top hat, a cool bunny with bow tie and some very psychedelic Easter eggs! Easter meets Mad Hatter's Alice in Wonderland! Honestly I really don't have too much time on my hands!!!...really, I don't!

The final product! Top hat made out of an old shopping bag


Friday, 22 March 2013

Little Chortles Part 6

Tiger: Look mummy Baby Beaux is holding my finger
Mummy: Yes he likes holding your finger
Tiger: Yeah but its not much fun for me!

"Mummy I love you too too too too much!" (big kiss & cuddle) "Can I have some sweeties please?"

Tiger: This shape is called a rectanker!
Mummy: It's called a rectangle you know that.
Tiger: Yeah I know but I just think rectanker sounds much better!

(Play fighting with Granny) Tiger: Do you want a piece of me??! (quote from Toy Story)

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Oversized woolly hats!

Bit of a pout going on there!
Swap with mummy

Swap with big brother

It's snowing again - Boo!
It's still freezing - Boo!
The Sun hasn't got its hat on and isn't coming out to play! - Boo!!

I don't mean to go on but I'm completely bored of this weather and equally bored of seeing the same old winter coats and woolly hats the boys have been wearing. I was delighted last week when I could bring out Tigers vintage Levi jean jacket and Snap-back cap but they have both gone back in the wardrobe as its just too damn cold! Boo!!

I can't justify buying new winter coats and hats so I thought it might be a nice change to do a hat swap! Tiger wearing mine and Beaux's in Tigers, they look super cute oversized and they are both stretchy so actually fit without falling down. I love them and will tie me over until it warms up!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Fake it!

Face, hair, check!
Outfit - Check!

Today's nursery gate chat was the typical 'I'm so tired this morning, my little monster decided to keep me up all night' (we all know too well about those nights) and I shouldn't really complain as baby Beaux is (I'm about to be one of 'those' mums who sit enjoying a coffee looking lovingly at their happy, awake and contently cooing in their pushchair baby whilst yours screams, throws up on you as you spill the only bottle of milk you have on you!) but... baby Beaux sleeps through the night and can go days without a single cry! (I know! I would want to give me a wedgy too!) HOWEVER on this particular week he'd thought he would mix it up a bit, cried all day and barely slept a wink at nights so I was feeling exhausted! I told my little story to my nursery gate mummy friends and they didn't believe me! They said I  didn't look like I was having that kind of week, hmm this is because I fake it!

Looking tired as well as feeling tired doesn't actually make me feel any better so I tend to make a little more of an effort when I'm feeling rough. Now I have an absolute maximum of 20 mins each morning to get showered, dressed, hair & makeup!*

Shower - Well we all know how to shower but my little time saving tip is to use baby oil when you are still dripping wet, you can then towel/air dry and won't need to worry about moisturising.

Dressed - I only have time to slip on a pair of stretch skinnies (great tight so wont need ironing!) If I am feeling a bit tired I opt for a pair of coloured ones to liven things up a bit, or high waisted which are super flattering! Any top as it will need changing once Beaux has thrown up on me and Converse (I live in these)

Hair - I love hats trilbies, oversized wooly ones, bowler, turbans, I prefer vintage but if it isn't I will simply stick a vintage broach on it. If you are not a hat person then perfect the messy up do. I love Spin Pins, its like using 20 bobby pins all at once, pull down a few strands of hair and done.

Makeup - Personally I think this is the most important. If you don't have the time don't skip it just use makeup that doesn't take long to apply. I use a tinted moisturiser, blusher, mascara and lip tint and can apply all in under 5 minutes

...and thats me good to go!

*Small print - Although I do like to try to make the effort there will be days that I look like i've been dragged back and forth through a hedge multiple times, wearing what can only be described as pajamas with hair that resembles a birds nest, twigs included! but that's life with kiddies!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Craft Vs Fashion

So last week we were running around at the park with no coats and this week we are hiding indoors from the snow! Again! To say the least it's been a loooooong cold winter.

Tiger loves crafts, takes after his mummy! But we've been in doors a lot recently and we're getting a bit bored of the same old paints, gluing and play doh! So with the hope of sunny days coming soon I thought it would be fun to design our own t-shirts.

We found a couple of old tees and vests, I bought a pack of fabric pens and we set to work!

Tiger loves Pacman so wanted one on his t-shirt, I'm not really very good at drawing so the simple shapes made this design easy. He loves tracing his finger over the dots to chase the ghost.

I love the vest Tiger designed, the fabric pens (which turned out to be fabric paint!) were a bit fiddle for Tiger so we decided finger painting would be easier. The effect of his little finger print on the vest looks really sweet! He's very proud of it and couldn't wait to show it off!

I've ordered some new fabric pens (this time making sure it isn't paint!) and have a pair of cheap plain plimsols (for Tiger) and plain socks (for Beaux) we can't wait to customise those!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Little Chortles Part 7

Pinaps = pineapple

Tiger: Mummy I had sweets!!
Mummy: Yes I know, I can see daddy left the evidence!
Tiger: No he didn't, he just left the sweetie tin down!

Mummy: What would you like on your toast
Tiger: Vanilla! (by process of elimination I eventually worked out he meant nutella!)

(having lunch in a pub by an open fire)
Tiger: Do you know what that sign says by the fire
Dad: No what does it say? (it's in fact a specials board)
Tiger: Do not burn yourself!

(Tigers best friend has gone on holiday to Japan)
Mummy I think Charlie has finished Japan now!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How to get organised when having a Clear Out!!

Tiger 'helping'!

Our wardrobes were starting to bulge and with spring/summer around the corner it was time to have a clear out. Tiger is having a growth spurt, Beaux well is a baby so constantly growing and my shape has changed since 'baby number 2' so we had a lot to get rid of (more than I thought actually as we moved house less than a year ago and had a massive clear out then) To keep myself organised I bag things that we no longer need into 4 categories:-

Bin - No longer any use to any one (we recycle where we can)

eBay - Which tend to be shoes I've only ever worn once as I can't actually walk in them! Along with clothes/toys Beaux has grown out of out. I keep my favorite items of Tigers for Beaux (the beauty of having another boy!) and anything else of value I will sell.

Cash 4 Clothes - I have used them a couple of times before, they will come and collect your bags of clothes, paired shoes and soft toys, weigh them and pay you cash for your items, it works out about £5 per full black bag. I tend to collect unwanted clothes that I wouldn't sell on eBay (well used baby grows, t-shirts etc... things I wouldn't buy myself on eBay) throughout the year and sell all at once.

Charity - Toys no one plays with, furniture we no longer require and anything else that is in good condition that doesn't fall into the above.

All the money we make I will use to buy the kids their new spring/summer wardrobe! You will be surprised how much it all adds up to!

Monday, 11 March 2013

More Tried & Tested FREE iPad/iPhone Kid Apps

Sorry all far too snotty for a new pic, so I have revamped this one
What a week! Sleep deprivation, the mister had man flu, Tiger was a bit under the weather so also absent from nursery, weaning Beaux and now I have flu! Needless to say I am cream crackered! (knackered! The only cockney rhyming slang I know!) and feeling really run down.

I won't lie we've watched a lot of films (I can now recite the whole script to The Nightmare before Christmas!) and played on the iPad whilst snuggled in bed or on the sofa! We downloaded a few new apps to keep Tiger entertained, these were the winners...

Tocca Kitchen Monster - Yours kiddies will try and feed the monster, but he wont eat everything (give them a taste of their own medicine! hehe), if he refuses then they'll have to try chopping it by making slicing motions or blending in the food processors etc until he accepts it. Tiger loves helping me in the kitchen when I am cooking so he loves this app, it also looks and sounds great.

The Snowman - If you didn't get a chance to download this at Christmas its not too late, it brilliantly illustrated and easy to play. We originally had it on the iPhone but just downloaded on the iPad too.

Clay Jam - Tiger loves play doh so adores this app and I love it because I don't have to spend ages picking dried bits of play doh from the rug! So a win win all round!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Pj Costumes

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear PJ Costume Tesco £4 in the sale (originally £8)

Skeleton Onesie Primark £4 in the sale (originally £8)

Batman Baby Romper H&M £5.99

Tiger loves dressing up as his favourite superhero or Disney character (oh and as a Skeleton but that's another story!) and has a few little costumes however I find that most costumes I have come across are either badly made, made of horrible cheap material, expensive or difficult to wash!

So I decided to look for an alternative and came across costume Pyjamas! They look great, are better made, considerably cheaper and wash well so they can get loads of wears out of it.

Tiger mainly wears his costumes indoors at home or at a friends house but if he has a fancy dress day at nursery or party I would buy in a bigger size, pop a tee and pair of leggings underneath to insure he's warm enough, give him a few accessories and he's good to go!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Little Chortles Part 5

(Daddy coming out of the bathroom) "I do hope you've washed your hands properly!"

"What a smart baby!" (on Baby brother Beaux)

"That wasn't naughty mummy, just a bit cheeky"

"oh nuts!"

"Early DAY for me, I'm a bit tired!"

"Looks like he's got Pac Man eyes!"

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Thou shalt not waste a sunny day

For the past couple of weeks I've been feeling really sleep deprived, my family have been taking it in turns to keep me awake! If it's not baby Beaux deciding 3am is the new 6am, its Tiger climbing on my head to get into our bed or the mister snoring his head off! So my mum the angel she is said she would look after the boys so I could get a couple of hours kip. However on the day the sun was shinning and I couldn't let it go to waste so mum and I took the boys to the park and I am so glad I did! It was a beautiful day, admiring some street art, feeding ducks and getting some pretty shots.


Free Kids Educational Apps for the iPad & iPod

Let's face it our kids are growing up in a iPad/iPod world and if I'm honest I love that Tiger knows how to use them (as well as good old retro pen, paper and books!)

He's at the age where I am preparing him for school so at the moment we have been teaching him to recognise and write letters, as well as simple words whilst keeping it fun. I know some kids naturally love learning this but Tiger is not one of those kids! However we have found these apps that he enjoys playing/learning and will actively ask to play with.

Endless ABC - Cute little monsters make the phonetic sound of the letters as you drag and drop them to make up the spelling of a word. This works for Tiger as he loves the monsters and the way they exaggerate the sounds.

Little Writer - Let's kids trace over uppercase, lowercase, numbers, shapes and words by either munching apples, rolling over bales of hay with your tractor or various other fun ways. This app is great as it teaches the correct way to write the letter, number or shape step by step and makes a very satisfying noise each section you get right.

The Grunts: Beard of Bees - Just for fun! We love The Grunts in our house so we love this little game of collecting the bees and making a beard quickly before they fly away.

Monday, 4 March 2013

The perfect excuse for a lie in

Haha! Peek a Boo, gets me every time!

Oh! Where have you gone now?

Look at him all cute and cuddly! I am making the most of the baby stage as before long he will wake up and immediately want to spring into action but for now he's happy having a little cuddle and playing peek a boo with the duvet. I love these pj's with its little collar, its actually an all in one super soft flanneling romper! I found it on the sales rail whilst doing my weekly shop at Tesco for only £2! Definitely the best bargain of the week!!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Toy storage living room worthy

On Sale in Cargo £149 was £249 (comes in bigger and smaller draw sizes)

Being the bargain hunter I am, the kids have far too many toys (especially after Christmas) our living and play room started to resemble santas grotto so I've been on the hunt for toy storage. We did originally have a few large open wicker baskets and a hideous plastic chest of drawers thing (that I will be happy to see the back of!) but with spring around the corner decided we needed a massive clear out!

Although I love the look of big chunky chest for toys i don't find them practical for the billions of little cars, trains and figures Tiger has so opted for individual drawers so he (who am I kidding?!) I can keep them organised. Whenever buying furniture or electrical items I try to wait until bank holidays, this is when most shops have sales and compete with each other so you can grab a bargain! My favourite places to shop for homewear are TK Maxx, they always have unusual and quirky pieces, Charity Shops that specialise in furniture (be prepared to do a little refurb on it as some of it can be dated, but you can also find the odd beautiful antique) and Cargo.

I was a little too excited when it arrived, have sorted all their toys, had a little reshuffle of furniture and love it. Fits in perfectly and does the job!

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