Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A dirty basket secret!

This is a little weird so please don't judge me, as you may have come to notice I have a bargain shopping habit. When money is low or the wardrobes are crammed and I can't find ways to justify buying anything else (well for that month anyway!) I will go online, spend ages looking, selecting the correct size and colour, adding it to the basket, reviewing the basket thinking about what the items will go with and then when I've played with it enough I will just delete it all! Close my laptop and carry on with my day, I honestly feel like I've had my fix, I haven't spent a penny and I have no guilt! I love it and do it often which got me thinking maybe I should post my finds so someone hopefully can benefit from my obsession, I will call it 'Little Musings' but still stay true to my shopping style of quirky, cool and truly affordable for our Little Lads and us mummies.

H&M Panda Cap £3.99 T-Shirt £4.99 Shorts £5.99 Sunglasses £2.99
Love this look! H&M T-Shirt £2.99 Shorts £9.99


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