Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Argh flu again!!!

I can't believe we have all had two rounds of cold & flu! Meaning someone in our household has been ill every day for the past month!! It's a bit much for one mummy alone. Luckily my mum has been helping A LOT, so much so I'm considering giving her her own room!! or just locking her in the cupboard under the stairs so she can't get away...a bit much?!! Sorry I don't have much to blog about the past week (unless you fancy pics of snotty tissues!) So here's a few pics i've taken on my iPhone last week, call it a small run down, minus the running up and down the stairs to fetch drinks, medicine and food, wiping sticky snotty faces and the tears and cuddles (both me and the kiddies) Hopefully this is the last of it! If anyone knows of any home remedies I would really appreciate hearing them.

Sorry no prizes for noticing they are mostly taken from our big comfy bed!


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