Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How to get organised when having a Clear Out!!

Tiger 'helping'!

Our wardrobes were starting to bulge and with spring/summer around the corner it was time to have a clear out. Tiger is having a growth spurt, Beaux well is a baby so constantly growing and my shape has changed since 'baby number 2' so we had a lot to get rid of (more than I thought actually as we moved house less than a year ago and had a massive clear out then) To keep myself organised I bag things that we no longer need into 4 categories:-

Bin - No longer any use to any one (we recycle where we can)

eBay - Which tend to be shoes I've only ever worn once as I can't actually walk in them! Along with clothes/toys Beaux has grown out of out. I keep my favorite items of Tigers for Beaux (the beauty of having another boy!) and anything else of value I will sell.

Cash 4 Clothes - I have used them a couple of times before, they will come and collect your bags of clothes, paired shoes and soft toys, weigh them and pay you cash for your items, it works out about £5 per full black bag. I tend to collect unwanted clothes that I wouldn't sell on eBay (well used baby grows, t-shirts etc... things I wouldn't buy myself on eBay) throughout the year and sell all at once.

Charity - Toys no one plays with, furniture we no longer require and anything else that is in good condition that doesn't fall into the above.

All the money we make I will use to buy the kids their new spring/summer wardrobe! You will be surprised how much it all adds up to!


  1. I'm just doing the same. Amazing how much stuff you accumulate - I too had a clear out not long ago so was amazing theres bags full again!

    I had loadsa stuff I don't wear now I'm a mom so my niece is cherry picking anything from Topshop etc and the rest is gonna go to charity.

    L x

    1. Thanks for commenting!

      You are right, it's crazy how much you can accumulate in such a short time! Oh I do the same as you niece with my aunts as there is bound to be a vintage goodie in there!! Xx


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