Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Fake it!

Face, hair, check!
Outfit - Check!

Today's nursery gate chat was the typical 'I'm so tired this morning, my little monster decided to keep me up all night' (we all know too well about those nights) and I shouldn't really complain as baby Beaux is (I'm about to be one of 'those' mums who sit enjoying a coffee looking lovingly at their happy, awake and contently cooing in their pushchair baby whilst yours screams, throws up on you as you spill the only bottle of milk you have on you!) but... baby Beaux sleeps through the night and can go days without a single cry! (I know! I would want to give me a wedgy too!) HOWEVER on this particular week he'd thought he would mix it up a bit, cried all day and barely slept a wink at nights so I was feeling exhausted! I told my little story to my nursery gate mummy friends and they didn't believe me! They said I  didn't look like I was having that kind of week, hmm this is because I fake it!

Looking tired as well as feeling tired doesn't actually make me feel any better so I tend to make a little more of an effort when I'm feeling rough. Now I have an absolute maximum of 20 mins each morning to get showered, dressed, hair & makeup!*

Shower - Well we all know how to shower but my little time saving tip is to use baby oil when you are still dripping wet, you can then towel/air dry and won't need to worry about moisturising.

Dressed - I only have time to slip on a pair of stretch skinnies (great tight so wont need ironing!) If I am feeling a bit tired I opt for a pair of coloured ones to liven things up a bit, or high waisted which are super flattering! Any top as it will need changing once Beaux has thrown up on me and Converse (I live in these)

Hair - I love hats trilbies, oversized wooly ones, bowler, turbans, I prefer vintage but if it isn't I will simply stick a vintage broach on it. If you are not a hat person then perfect the messy up do. I love Spin Pins, its like using 20 bobby pins all at once, pull down a few strands of hair and done.

Makeup - Personally I think this is the most important. If you don't have the time don't skip it just use makeup that doesn't take long to apply. I use a tinted moisturiser, blusher, mascara and lip tint and can apply all in under 5 minutes

...and thats me good to go!

*Small print - Although I do like to try to make the effort there will be days that I look like i've been dragged back and forth through a hedge multiple times, wearing what can only be described as pajamas with hair that resembles a birds nest, twigs included! but that's life with kiddies!

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