Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Free Kids Educational Apps for the iPad & iPod

Let's face it our kids are growing up in a iPad/iPod world and if I'm honest I love that Tiger knows how to use them (as well as good old retro pen, paper and books!)

He's at the age where I am preparing him for school so at the moment we have been teaching him to recognise and write letters, as well as simple words whilst keeping it fun. I know some kids naturally love learning this but Tiger is not one of those kids! However we have found these apps that he enjoys playing/learning and will actively ask to play with.

Endless ABC - Cute little monsters make the phonetic sound of the letters as you drag and drop them to make up the spelling of a word. This works for Tiger as he loves the monsters and the way they exaggerate the sounds.

Little Writer - Let's kids trace over uppercase, lowercase, numbers, shapes and words by either munching apples, rolling over bales of hay with your tractor or various other fun ways. This app is great as it teaches the correct way to write the letter, number or shape step by step and makes a very satisfying noise each section you get right.

The Grunts: Beard of Bees - Just for fun! We love The Grunts in our house so we love this little game of collecting the bees and making a beard quickly before they fly away.

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