Monday, 11 March 2013

More Tried & Tested FREE iPad/iPhone Kid Apps

Sorry all far too snotty for a new pic, so I have revamped this one
What a week! Sleep deprivation, the mister had man flu, Tiger was a bit under the weather so also absent from nursery, weaning Beaux and now I have flu! Needless to say I am cream crackered! (knackered! The only cockney rhyming slang I know!) and feeling really run down.

I won't lie we've watched a lot of films (I can now recite the whole script to The Nightmare before Christmas!) and played on the iPad whilst snuggled in bed or on the sofa! We downloaded a few new apps to keep Tiger entertained, these were the winners...

Tocca Kitchen Monster - Yours kiddies will try and feed the monster, but he wont eat everything (give them a taste of their own medicine! hehe), if he refuses then they'll have to try chopping it by making slicing motions or blending in the food processors etc until he accepts it. Tiger loves helping me in the kitchen when I am cooking so he loves this app, it also looks and sounds great.

The Snowman - If you didn't get a chance to download this at Christmas its not too late, it brilliantly illustrated and easy to play. We originally had it on the iPhone but just downloaded on the iPad too.

Clay Jam - Tiger loves play doh so adores this app and I love it because I don't have to spend ages picking dried bits of play doh from the rug! So a win win all round!

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