Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Oversized woolly hats!

Bit of a pout going on there!
Swap with mummy

Swap with big brother

It's snowing again - Boo!
It's still freezing - Boo!
The Sun hasn't got its hat on and isn't coming out to play! - Boo!!

I don't mean to go on but I'm completely bored of this weather and equally bored of seeing the same old winter coats and woolly hats the boys have been wearing. I was delighted last week when I could bring out Tigers vintage Levi jean jacket and Snap-back cap but they have both gone back in the wardrobe as its just too damn cold! Boo!!

I can't justify buying new winter coats and hats so I thought it might be a nice change to do a hat swap! Tiger wearing mine and Beaux's in Tigers, they look super cute oversized and they are both stretchy so actually fit without falling down. I love them and will tie me over until it warms up!

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