Monday, 4 March 2013

The perfect excuse for a lie in

Haha! Peek a Boo, gets me every time!

Oh! Where have you gone now?

Look at him all cute and cuddly! I am making the most of the baby stage as before long he will wake up and immediately want to spring into action but for now he's happy having a little cuddle and playing peek a boo with the duvet. I love these pj's with its little collar, its actually an all in one super soft flanneling romper! I found it on the sales rail whilst doing my weekly shop at Tesco for only £2! Definitely the best bargain of the week!!


  1. A ahh love these, going to HAVE to go to tescos and search for some! Xx

    1. Please do, you will love them! So snuggly! Hurry sales ending soon x

  2. Love it - such a bargain! Tesco's have some cracking bargains on children's clothes.

    And might I add, what gorgeous photos!!

  3. Thanks! They really do, especially in the sale! Some lovely bits for us ladies too!!


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