Friday, 1 March 2013

Toy storage living room worthy

On Sale in Cargo £149 was £249 (comes in bigger and smaller draw sizes)

Being the bargain hunter I am, the kids have far too many toys (especially after Christmas) our living and play room started to resemble santas grotto so I've been on the hunt for toy storage. We did originally have a few large open wicker baskets and a hideous plastic chest of drawers thing (that I will be happy to see the back of!) but with spring around the corner decided we needed a massive clear out!

Although I love the look of big chunky chest for toys i don't find them practical for the billions of little cars, trains and figures Tiger has so opted for individual drawers so he (who am I kidding?!) I can keep them organised. Whenever buying furniture or electrical items I try to wait until bank holidays, this is when most shops have sales and compete with each other so you can grab a bargain! My favourite places to shop for homewear are TK Maxx, they always have unusual and quirky pieces, Charity Shops that specialise in furniture (be prepared to do a little refurb on it as some of it can be dated, but you can also find the odd beautiful antique) and Cargo.

I was a little too excited when it arrived, have sorted all their toys, had a little reshuffle of furniture and love it. Fits in perfectly and does the job!



  1. That is really nice - and grown up! coming from BYOBH x

    1. Thanks Louise, I've heard its gone down £134! Bargain!! x

  2. This is really nice, I could use one to store all my hair products!!

    1. Definately, it really does look great! x


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