Tuesday, 30 April 2013

No Time to Lace!

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I am a little uninspiring when it comes to Tigers every day foot wear. Except for special occasions you will find him in some variation of Converse, from high top leathers to turquoise canvas lows or current favorites brown suede. I hate to be unoriginal but I absolutely adore them! They look great with everything (even better when a bit scuffed and dirty!), are lightweight and comfortable their only downfall is they are a nightmare to put on a wriggling ready to go little lad!

I know the staff at our nursery hate me a little for putting them on him as they have to help him get them back on again if he wants to take part in some of the activities that involve taking their shoes off. So I have been on the hunt for nursery friendly footwear which has proven to be more difficult than it seems! However here are some of my favorite slip on, Velcro and elasticated lace I've seen...

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Monday, 29 April 2013

I feel like Spring

It would appear I unknowingly dress myself and the kids in certain colours depending on my mood (or theirs!). I noticed the other day that we were all dressed in variations of blue and looked like a very questionable music group!! I am sure people must have thought I have done it deliberately!! I don't tend to dress the kids similarly as they all suit different colours, have different taste, styles and personalities.

What I noticed when I'm pulling certain colours out of the wardrobe...

Grey - Im a bit tired, feeling uninspired and it goes with everything so easy to put an outfit together.

Blues - Relaxed and easy going. I've got a thing for electric blue at the moment, it's an easy way to add a simple colour pop!

Greens - Energetic. My favourite colour, I love all greens from turquoise to olive. It really suits both boys complexion.

Colour clash - Lets go all out! Bright reds, oranges, purples and yellows all at once if I'm feeling adventurous! These playful colours look great on Tiger.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hooky Day!!

Naughty naughty! But the sun was shining, the rest of the weeks forecast was rubbish, I had a 48hr stomach bug the days before and (enough excuses!) I just wanted a spur of the moment day away from routine. Why not aye? Tiger is due to start 'big school' in September so we might as well while we still can.

I called my mum to see if she fancied having a hooky day with us (she did) packed a small bag, filled the car up and off we went 'for our special adventure' (this is how I described our day out to Tiger, he was very excited!)

I wanted to be by the coast and Tiger and Beaux had been playing with a big plastic boat that morning in the bath so thought it would be nice to see some real big ships, what better place than Portsmouth (plus it would be educational too!) We had a fantastic day of boat rides, tours, fish & chips, shopping and ice cream. I am definitely for Hooky Days, summer days here we come!

The Mary Rose Ship!
Reminds me of the game Battleships, it was too perfect so decided to take at a slanty angle.
Looking out for Sea Monsters
Beaux adores Tiger!
We are so for Hooky Days!


Friday, 26 April 2013

Little Chortles Part 12

Tiger: Mummy could you please carry this, I've got my hands filled
Mummy: Yes, it's 'got my hands full'
Tiger: No its not because I've got my hands filled with toys.

"I can run fast because I eat runner beans and I have a big head because I eat sweetcorn!"

"You're trying to be funny, aren't you mummy?!"

'Minja' Turtles = Ninja Turtles

"It's BACON HOT in here!" (baking hot)

(Tiger when being told off)
Tiger: Wait, wait mummy look at my eye
(makes himself go cross eyed)
Tiger: You like that don't you, you think it's funny!
(Mummy trying her best not to smile! But it gets me every time!!)


Monday, 22 April 2013

We're off to see the Wisley, the wonderful Wisley of Gardens...

Our favorite flowers of the day but don't quiz us on their names!

"Look daddy, that fish has a mustache"

Beaux's first encounter with a Daffodil

A bit of Tom Foolery with Daddy

We always make the most of a sunny day (you never know when the next one might be!) so decided to go to Wisley Gardens, I had been before with a friend when Tiger was a toddler and what I could remember was the beautiful range of flowers (obviously!) the openness (not too shaded) and the amazing restaurant! It didn't disappoint! It costs £11.75 (including gift aid) or £10.85 (excluding) per adult and children under 5 are free so it wasn't an expensive day out, you could easily spend a whole day there if the weather is nice and take a picnic to keep costs down.

Spring is a great time to go as all of the flowers are blooming and look so pretty! The restaurant food is amazing and what I didn't notice the last time I went was the family section (which I wish more restaurants had) it had some crash mats and soft play area, only small but enough to keep the kiddies entertained while we really enjoyed our tea and cake!!

There's also a large green house with more exotic flowers and a huge display on roots which is child interactive. Tiger particularly enjoyed the green house as he thought many of the plants looked like monster with tentacles!

Although busy there was plenty of space for Tiger to run about, Beaux found a new love of daffodils, he literally couldn't take his eyes off them so while Tiger played in the adventure playground I found a quiet spot for him to explore. Beaux's now sitting up unaided so it was beautiful watching him feeling the grass, wriggling his little toes with delight and wondering how he could get close enough to sample the daffodils!

If you are in the area and have kids, enjoy flowers or getting your camera out, it's definitely worth a visit.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

And the Winner Is...

A massive congratulations to Becky Jouanides for winning our first Give Away Prize! This adorable  hand knitted Love Me - Zack the Zebra is on it's way to you! 

Thank you to all who entered! x


Friday, 19 April 2013

Little Chortles Part 11

"I'm super good at this!"

Mummy: I'm just going to make lunch
Tiger: Yes! I like lunch

"Daddy do you remember when you were born?"

"I DID NOT see that coming!!"

(Whilst playing on the iPad and winning his game) "Back in business!!"

Mummy: Aww look how big you are, I remember when you were in my tummy.
Tiger: Me too, it was very dark!!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The right way to wear cheap

I love bargains when clothes shopping and always try to shop cheaply however when shopping cheaply I desperately try to ensure it doesn't actually look cheap. Here are my secret do's and don'ts Cheap Chic List...

Do - Shop in the sales of more expensive high street shops, but don't buy anything you don't need, doesn't suit you or you don't love instantly!

Don't - Shop head to toe in cheap clothes and especially not from the same shop. For example I would dress Tiger in a tee from H&M, jeans from primark and then a pair of Converse.

Do - Shop in charity shops, you can get some great find. Just look at this Zara leather Jacket I found for a few pounds.

Don't - Buy ill fitting clothes. I think cheap jeans are easy to spot. I usually opt for skinny or straight legged as they tend to look better on. If you prefer baggier then spend a bit more.

Do - Spend a bit more on the pieces you wear often for example coats, jackets and shoes. You will get more for your money in the long run.

Don't - Buy clothes with horrible material. My mum always laughs at me as I always like to give clothes a good stroke! If it makes me shudder I won't buy it (a bit weird I know!) Personally I stay away from velour and fleece jumpers and head towards to knits and jersey.


Monday, 15 April 2013

My lesson learnt

So I attempted to customise a pair of Tigers plain white pumps with some fabric pens. I had a Pac Man design in my head and I knew Tiger would love it! He's Pac Man crazed at the moment! The plan was to do it while Tiger was at nursery and surprise him with them when he got home however the pens bled and generally the whole design looked rubbish! Being a bit disappointed I threw them under our bed to later be added to one of those black bags!

I completely forgot all about them until Tiger was playing hide and seek under our bed and found them "mummy did you make these cool Pac Man shoes for me?" he asked me excitedly, "yes but they went wrong, they are a bit rubbish" (still disappointed as I knew he would love them) he must have detected my disappointment and said (in his words) "yeah that's just because you haven't finished them yet, we can finish them together and they will look great!" aww my heart melted, when did my baby become such a big boy?!!

Anyway (this was not intended to be so long!) we sat down one afternoon and had fun 'finishing them together'. They are great! I love them, they are little walking pieces of my baby's art! Sure beats having a picture stuck to the fridge! These will definitely be making it to the 'keep sake box' when he's grown out of them.

Tiger taught me a life lesson, when things are not going as planned, don't give up just take a different approach to it.

What's the saying 'Never work with Children or Animals!'
Tiger is delighted with his new customised pumps and couldn't wait to show them off!


Sunday, 14 April 2013

First Giveaway Prize!!!

To celebrate little Likely Lads third month going strong, we would like to thank our readers by doing our first Giveaway Prize!! All you have to do to win this adorable hand knitted Zack the Zebra is Follow Us either here on the blog or on our facebook page and pop a little comment below to let us know you have entered. That's it! The competition closes midnight 21st April 13, we will choose a winner at random and announce on Monday! Good Luck!!! x

Love Me - Zack the Zebra


Friday, 12 April 2013

Little Chortles Part 10

(Tiger trying to convince me to buy him another 'Squeeze Freak' toy)
Tiger: Okay mummy I will do you a deal
Mummy: Yeah whats that then?
Tiger: We BOTH can have a Squeeze Freak, one each! you would like that wouldn't you mummy!

"Oh look, a perfect stick for summer!"

"Can I have pizza with cheese on it?"

"Now that's what I call music!"

(At the Hawk Conservancy Trust Tiger had been going on about visiting the gift shop all day long)
Daddy: After all this going on about the gift shop we had better not forget, it would be murder!
Tiger: No it will be crying!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

6-9 Months Skip It!!

Cosy '1 of the Boys' Jersey Romper £5.00 from Tesco

Mr Giggle Bits

Baby Beaux just turned 6 months old (sniffle! the time is going too fast) although he has a lot of Tigers old baby clothes, Beaux is an autumn baby and Tiger is a summer baby so the seasons are all wrong meaning I've had to buy some new clothes for Beaux (being a shopaholic that absolutely delights me!)

From my experience with both boys 6-9 month clothes are a waste of time, effort and most importantly money! 6-9 months doesn't seem to be much bigger than 3-6 month and not much smaller than 9-12 months (the proof being some brands from 6 months label their clothes 6-12 months) so I just skip the 6-9 months group all together. Meaning Beaux will get a longer wear out of his new clothes and I have some extra cash to buy new shoes and bags for me!! Everyone's a winner!!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

We're now Part of the Bird Watching Fan Club!!

Still trying to keep busy this half term and running out of ideas so we decided to go to Hawk Conservancy Trust, the mister had suggested that we go a couple of times before but if I'm honest I'm not a big fan of birds and sometimes feel like once you've seen a few of your favorites they all begin to look the same, so I usually come up with an alternate day out. But I wasn't feeling inspired so agreed to go (better than staying in doors) it cost £40 for a family of 4 and under 3's are free so not too expensive.

It's not massive and really well designed so you can happily let the kids run off to look at the birds whilst still keeping an eye on them (possibly not on a busy day). What blew me away were the shows/displays they have. They were hourly and lasted for about 30 mins and were amazing for us adults and engaging for the kiddies. At the end of each show they had little extras of free tractor rides or owl holding, they really focused on involving the kids.

My favorite bit of the day was watching the bird of prey display, they encouraged the vultures to fly over the audience at head level, you had to occasionally duck from them and often heard their wings flapping by your ears! Seeing them so close really was fascinating! I've found a new appreciation for birds, fascinating creatures! Even though it was cold we spent the whole day there, the nicely timed shows/displays made it easy for us to manage our day.  I would definitely recommend a visit, we will be going again!

Hawk Conservancy

Tiger getting a better look on daddy's shoulders
Kisses & Cuddles for Beaux whilst we wait for the show to begin
Watch your head! Vultures get a bad press, they are amazing birds.
Love this iconic bird

All the birds of prey and Tiger is excited by a spider he found on a daffodil!


Monday, 8 April 2013

Funky little elbow patches

I've got a thing about elbow patches, not just for the boys but for me also! I will always make a bee line for a little vintage tweed blazer number with elbow patches.

So one good thing about this freezing spring, the boys have gotten a longer wear out of their long sleeved t-shirts. I love the one Tiger is wearing in the photo, it's from Next £11 from a pack of 3, the star patches are a great twist on the original.

If you are handy with a sewing machine (which I am not! but currently practicing ) You could revamp a plain jumper or cardi with them!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Little Chortles Part 9

"Calamari!!" (shouts when he gets excited)

"that's a gravy stone!" (gravestone)

Tiger: Granny whats bigger? This Angry Bird or this one?
Granny: This one here
Tiger: Yes!! Well done Granny! GOOD GIRL!!

(blowing bubbles) "Bubble mixture does not taste nice!"

(standing on the bathroom scales) "My feet are 25 bit heavy"

Tiger: Oh mummy you are such a smarty knickers!
Mummy: Smarty knickers?
Tiger: Yes because you don't wear pants, you can't be a smarty pants!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Half Term Carters Steam Fair

Half terms seem to come around really quickly! We always like to keep busy as I find that looking after the boys when we are out and about is much easier than keeping them entertained at home. However its been difficult this Easter half term as its been so cold so we've only managed short burst of being outside. We've been to plenty of theme parks before but I can't remember ever taking Tiger to a Steam Fair. The Carters Steam Fair was visiting a town close to us so we decided to go, its free entry (great!) and rides cost between £2-£3 per person.

I love the atmosphere of the Steam Fair, the smells, the bright clashing colours, the slightly haunting music hall  type music, the retro looking stalls and the sickly sweet candyfloss! Beaux was mesmerised by the flashing lights and rides flying through the air and Tiger is at a great age to appreciate the small rides and not put off that they weren't fast, big or high enough.

The kids had a great time, it was a trip down memory lane for me and the mister and it didn't cost the earth.

Monday, 1 April 2013

A Beautiful Easter Gift Hand Knitted

Baby Beaux is far too young for Easter eggs this year and with it being his first Easter we really wanted a keep sake gift for him. Luckily his thoughtful Nana had it covered! Kevin the Koala (love his little name) was bought from Nana's local charity shop, he's new and donated from someone who just loves knitting. He's beautifully made and is a really original design and most importantly Beaux adores him. I know my local charity shop often have newly knitted soft toys, blankets, cardigan, hat and booties. I think they make lovely original gifts so check out yours. Thanks Nana!

So whens the next Bank Holiday weekend then?

Despite the cold weather and making all last minute plans we've had a great Easter, egg hunts, a very brief trip to the beach!, a Steam Fair, strolls in the countryside oh and plenty of chocolate!! and still plenty left over which I will be melting down and making cakes to mix things up a bit, yum!!

We've definitely made the most of the long weekend and looking forward to the next one!!

Egg Hunt - Looking High!
Looking Low
Found It!!
Proof we actually went to the beach! for a very brief time!

Walk in the countryside to work up an appetite for our massive Easter meal

Tiger a little concerned that he doesn't have my full attention!

Big Kid!
Catch me if you can!

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