Wednesday, 10 April 2013

6-9 Months Skip It!!

Cosy '1 of the Boys' Jersey Romper £5.00 from Tesco

Mr Giggle Bits

Baby Beaux just turned 6 months old (sniffle! the time is going too fast) although he has a lot of Tigers old baby clothes, Beaux is an autumn baby and Tiger is a summer baby so the seasons are all wrong meaning I've had to buy some new clothes for Beaux (being a shopaholic that absolutely delights me!)

From my experience with both boys 6-9 month clothes are a waste of time, effort and most importantly money! 6-9 months doesn't seem to be much bigger than 3-6 month and not much smaller than 9-12 months (the proof being some brands from 6 months label their clothes 6-12 months) so I just skip the 6-9 months group all together. Meaning Beaux will get a longer wear out of his new clothes and I have some extra cash to buy new shoes and bags for me!! Everyone's a winner!!


  1. I wish I'd thought of that! Very economical!

    1. It is! I've saved a bucket load! and will be treating myself with the savings! Thank you so much for commenting x


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