Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Half Term Carters Steam Fair

Half terms seem to come around really quickly! We always like to keep busy as I find that looking after the boys when we are out and about is much easier than keeping them entertained at home. However its been difficult this Easter half term as its been so cold so we've only managed short burst of being outside. We've been to plenty of theme parks before but I can't remember ever taking Tiger to a Steam Fair. The Carters Steam Fair was visiting a town close to us so we decided to go, its free entry (great!) and rides cost between £2-£3 per person.

I love the atmosphere of the Steam Fair, the smells, the bright clashing colours, the slightly haunting music hall  type music, the retro looking stalls and the sickly sweet candyfloss! Beaux was mesmerised by the flashing lights and rides flying through the air and Tiger is at a great age to appreciate the small rides and not put off that they weren't fast, big or high enough.

The kids had a great time, it was a trip down memory lane for me and the mister and it didn't cost the earth.


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    1. It was a great day! Thanks again for your comments, they are appreciated x


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