Monday, 29 April 2013

I feel like Spring

It would appear I unknowingly dress myself and the kids in certain colours depending on my mood (or theirs!). I noticed the other day that we were all dressed in variations of blue and looked like a very questionable music group!! I am sure people must have thought I have done it deliberately!! I don't tend to dress the kids similarly as they all suit different colours, have different taste, styles and personalities.

What I noticed when I'm pulling certain colours out of the wardrobe...

Grey - Im a bit tired, feeling uninspired and it goes with everything so easy to put an outfit together.

Blues - Relaxed and easy going. I've got a thing for electric blue at the moment, it's an easy way to add a simple colour pop!

Greens - Energetic. My favourite colour, I love all greens from turquoise to olive. It really suits both boys complexion.

Colour clash - Lets go all out! Bright reds, oranges, purples and yellows all at once if I'm feeling adventurous! These playful colours look great on Tiger.

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