Monday, 15 April 2013

My lesson learnt

So I attempted to customise a pair of Tigers plain white pumps with some fabric pens. I had a Pac Man design in my head and I knew Tiger would love it! He's Pac Man crazed at the moment! The plan was to do it while Tiger was at nursery and surprise him with them when he got home however the pens bled and generally the whole design looked rubbish! Being a bit disappointed I threw them under our bed to later be added to one of those black bags!

I completely forgot all about them until Tiger was playing hide and seek under our bed and found them "mummy did you make these cool Pac Man shoes for me?" he asked me excitedly, "yes but they went wrong, they are a bit rubbish" (still disappointed as I knew he would love them) he must have detected my disappointment and said (in his words) "yeah that's just because you haven't finished them yet, we can finish them together and they will look great!" aww my heart melted, when did my baby become such a big boy?!!

Anyway (this was not intended to be so long!) we sat down one afternoon and had fun 'finishing them together'. They are great! I love them, they are little walking pieces of my baby's art! Sure beats having a picture stuck to the fridge! These will definitely be making it to the 'keep sake box' when he's grown out of them.

Tiger taught me a life lesson, when things are not going as planned, don't give up just take a different approach to it.

What's the saying 'Never work with Children or Animals!'
Tiger is delighted with his new customised pumps and couldn't wait to show them off!



  1. How adorable and so grown up!!!

    1. Yes, makes me want to smile and cry all at the same time! X


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