Tuesday, 30 April 2013

No Time to Lace!

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I am a little uninspiring when it comes to Tigers every day foot wear. Except for special occasions you will find him in some variation of Converse, from high top leathers to turquoise canvas lows or current favorites brown suede. I hate to be unoriginal but I absolutely adore them! They look great with everything (even better when a bit scuffed and dirty!), are lightweight and comfortable their only downfall is they are a nightmare to put on a wriggling ready to go little lad!

I know the staff at our nursery hate me a little for putting them on him as they have to help him get them back on again if he wants to take part in some of the activities that involve taking their shoes off. So I have been on the hunt for nursery friendly footwear which has proven to be more difficult than it seems! However here are some of my favorite slip on, Velcro and elasticated lace I've seen...

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