Tuesday, 9 April 2013

We're now Part of the Bird Watching Fan Club!!

Still trying to keep busy this half term and running out of ideas so we decided to go to Hawk Conservancy Trust, the mister had suggested that we go a couple of times before but if I'm honest I'm not a big fan of birds and sometimes feel like once you've seen a few of your favorites they all begin to look the same, so I usually come up with an alternate day out. But I wasn't feeling inspired so agreed to go (better than staying in doors) it cost £40 for a family of 4 and under 3's are free so not too expensive.

It's not massive and really well designed so you can happily let the kids run off to look at the birds whilst still keeping an eye on them (possibly not on a busy day). What blew me away were the shows/displays they have. They were hourly and lasted for about 30 mins and were amazing for us adults and engaging for the kiddies. At the end of each show they had little extras of free tractor rides or owl holding, they really focused on involving the kids.

My favorite bit of the day was watching the bird of prey display, they encouraged the vultures to fly over the audience at head level, you had to occasionally duck from them and often heard their wings flapping by your ears! Seeing them so close really was fascinating! I've found a new appreciation for birds, fascinating creatures! Even though it was cold we spent the whole day there, the nicely timed shows/displays made it easy for us to manage our day.  I would definitely recommend a visit, we will be going again!

Hawk Conservancy

Tiger getting a better look on daddy's shoulders
Kisses & Cuddles for Beaux whilst we wait for the show to begin
Watch your head! Vultures get a bad press, they are amazing birds.
Love this iconic bird

All the birds of prey and Tiger is excited by a spider he found on a daffodil!



  1. This sounds so good! I'd never heard of it before now but will definitely add it to the list of places to go! Thank you.

  2. Honestly you will love it! I wasn't even bothered about going but had an excellent day, it's really interactive! Thanks for commenting x

  3. I think we'll go along and check this out. Although I will scream my head off if a bird even thinks about flapping is wings anywhere near me. Can't say I'm exactly what you'd call a fan....!!!!

    1. Haha!! There was a bit of screaming going on but it really was brilliant seeing them so up close and personal! Thanks for commenting x

  4. That sounds like a great place to go - and I love your photos. Thanks for joining in with my Family Days Linky.

    1. It really was, thank you again for hosting the linky!! x


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