Thursday, 30 May 2013

Little Chortles Birthday Special

Tiger: Can I open another present?
Mummy: Yeah, why not its your birthday!!
(Grabs a present, sits on the sofa and sighs)
Tiger: Aaah this is the life!

(Opening birthday cards)
Mummy: This card says 'hope you have a lovely day!
Tiger: Yes I am, thank you card!

Tiger: Can I open another present?
Daddy: Yeah go on!
(Opens it)
Tiger: What clothes?!! I don't want to open clothes!! Can I open another one?!!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The simple things

After a busy weekend with Tigers birthday party and then celebrating a Holy Communion the following day, we were pooped for the Bank Holiday so we decided to have a chilled day playing in the garden and another BBQ, why not aye?! It was lovely and I'm now feeling rested for the crazy full half term ahead!


Monday, 27 May 2013

Tiger's Birthday!!!

We celebrated Tiger's 4th  birthday which was a little emotional for me, four years old makes him an official 'big boy' in his world and I wondered if he will soon stop letting me kiss him in public, call me mum instead of mummy and find me uncool to play with?!! Sniffle!  The day however was a lot less doom and gloom and really lovely, the sun shone like it has every year on his birthday since he's been born making our intimate family birthday BBQ (spooky theme, of course!) run smoothly.

The kiddies dressed in their best spooky outfits, I got my creative on and designed and made his birthday cake (a first for me) my mum knocked up some divine tandoori chicken and jerk pork to be cooked perfectly on the BBQ by the mister.

We spent the whole afternoon eating, drinking, throwing water balloons, getting spooky themed tattoos and I  quote "mummy that was the bestest spooky party ever!" Happy 4th Birthday to our big boy! x

At the crack of dawn opening birthday cards
Spooky Pirate Skellie and Black Cat
A sleepy baby Dracula
Designing our own spooky faces was so much fun but it did get a bit competitive! 
A few of our most favorite people
The Water balloons and skellie tattoos....ooh could be a cool name for a band???
Beaux loves a good balloon
Peek a boo Daddy
So proud of my Red Velvet spooky themed cake


Thursday, 23 May 2013

Little Chortles Part 16

"Mummy Beaux is crying out of his eyes!"

Daddy: Tiger do you want to give Daddy one of your chicken nuggets?
Tiger: Err no thank you Daddy

"Mummy your tattoos look like stickers"

(Tiger calls Nettles 'prickles' or more precisely PRICKS)
Tiger: (shouting loudly) Mummy look there are little pricks everywhere!
Mummy: (a bit embarrassed while other mums look at me questionably) hunny they are called nettles
Tiger: No I like to call them pricks, mummy don't go near the pricks, they are not nice!
Mummy: You are certainly right there!

"Sing it don't spray it!"

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What more tried and tested FREE iPad/iPhone apps?!

...I do like to spoil you! With yet another half term coming up next week we have been testing a few fun free iPad/iPhone apps which have been given the thumbs up by Tiger, these are his reviews...

Toy Story Smash it
"Its really really good because I love Toy Story, and you can be Buzz and you can smash the blocks all down"

Snoopy Coaster
"Daddy said he use to watch the cartoon when he was little but I think that looks boring, the game is fun though, you can go super fast and do twirls like this" (twirls around and spins his arms)

Angry Bird Friends
"Its like Angry Bird but better, its not old school!"


Monday, 20 May 2013

Your Little Likely Lads...

We are sharing the love! And we love your little lads styles too. Here are a few of our coolest lads and what mummy has to say about their styles.

Mummy Says "Baylen has two styles, colourful, casual and durable for playing in the day and he can scrub up well and be very smart"

Fav Shops: Love Next, H&M, Sainsbury TU are lovely and Primark for the price!!

Mummy Says "Liam is our little surfer dude/rock star, my husband likes to think he's going to be the next Liam Gallagher but i'm not so keen! Love him in skinny jeans, rock band t-shirts and high tops. Joesph has more of a preppy look, love him in skinnies, Ralph Lauren polo shirts and high tops and Lennon, like you I don't like babies in restrictive clothes so like him to look cool but still comfy."

Fav Shops: H&M, Primark, Gap and Next

Mummy Says "I just buy what I like really, I tend to go for quite boyish clothes - navy's and grey's. He mostly wears t-shirts and jeans. I look for bargains and shop pretty much anywhere I see something I like."

Fav Shops: Next, H&M, Zara the typical High Street stores, Tesco and Sainsburys are always good quality and value for money. I also buy second hand from eBay too as he grows so quickly.

If you would like your Little Likely Lad to be featured here please Contact Us.


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Little Chortles Part 15

"Look mummy, I've made footprints with my hands!"

(On an overcast day) "Mummy I think the day thinks its night!"

"Miss me, miss me, now you gotta kiss me!" (then immediately getting embarrassed by what he just said!)

"Mummy don't worry, I will eat vegetables when I'm a big boy!!"

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

We won't be train spotting!

After taking a trip on the train to the Natural History Museum a few weeks back and with both little lads enjoying it so much I thought it would be nice to go on a Steam Train for a day out. I came across a Spa Valley Railways Groupon deal, £10 for a family of 4 which is extremely reasonable for a day out.

When we got there it was chaotic and busy with all other Groupon users trying to exchange their print outs for tickets however the lads didn't seem to be bothered and were fascinated by the Steam Train itself. The outside of the train was great to look at but the inside really could have done with a make over (and normally I am a huge fan of shabby chic and all things antique). Saying that it wasn't all bad, I did love the feel of the individual cabins, we made friends with a beautiful Husky, the lads enjoyed it and for a tenner I shouldn't complain.

What I did really love about the train ride was it was in Tunbridge Wells!! Beautiful quaint cobbled streets, with interesting little shops and tummy growling cafes and restaurants! I'm not sure we will be going back on the train ride (although we were glad we went) but Tunbridge Wells will definitely be getting another visit.

Spa Valley Railways


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

About the Lads

Interview with Tiger...

How old are you?
(Show's me 3 fingers) but soon I will be (show's me 4 fingers) and I will get lots of new toys for my birthday!!

What's your favorite colour?
Yellow today but yesterday it was green, I like lots of colours, its good to like lots of colours.

What's your most favorite thing to do?
Buy new toys and then play with my new toys! I like going to Disney Land, can we go to Disney Land today?

What's your favorite film?
Toy Story the spooky one, the one with Baby Face, I like really spooky things!

What's do you like to wear the most?
My spooky skellie pajamas! oooH I am a skellie and I live in a spooky haunted house!

What's your favorite game on the iPad?
Minja Turtles, I am super good at it! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Interview with Beaux...

How old are you?
Dada Dada

Whats your most favorite Toy?
Dada Dada (blows raspberry and attempts to bang on laptop so mummy steps in) Basically anything of Tigers and anything he can get his teeth suck into, usually someone else's finger! he's teething at the moment.

What's his most favorite thing to do?
Other than eat, Beaux has a great appetite its made weaning easy peasy! He loves exploring, he is now siting up unaided and realises that he can do a few rolls to get him places, when its warm out he's happiest on a blanket in the garden watching the birds, feeling the grass and attempting to eat flowers.

What's his favorite colour?
I have no idea what it might be but for now I love dressing him in blues, greens and greys as he has the most amazing blue/grey eyes and it really makes them sparkle.

What do you most like dressing him in?
I am taking full advantage of him still being a baby, I love dressing him in little costume type clothes (hats with ears, super hero rompers etc) But mainly I dress him for comfort, I won't put him in anything restrictive, I want him to have plenty wriggle and roll room!


Monday, 13 May 2013

What?! Boys in Pastels??

The worlds gone mad!! Hehe! This post was inspired by one of our Little Likely Lads Facebook followers, he was talking about our post on boys wearing girls skinny jeans, he mentioned that there wasn't many colours a boy could wear without it looking suspiciously like girls jeans. I responded by advising to buy bold colours like red, greens and blues and to stay away from pastels but I'm here today admitting I was wrong! I recently bought Tiger these yellow pastel skinny jeans (£5 Primark girls section) and I adore them! I think the trick is to wear pastel skinnies with dark tops, here I've opted for a black Ramones Tee (I love that Tiger now shouts "hey ho let's go!" when he's wearing it!) I think it balances out the prettiness of the pastel, give it a go and let me know if your little lad can rock pastels too?

Tiger showing off his modelling versatility


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Little Chortles Part 14

"I love the smell of sun cream, smells just like a sunny day!"

"look we are going past the wee wee river!" (the sewers)

(looking through a photo album with his Nana) "Cor this is a very long book!"

Mummy: Tiger are you enjoying your ice lolly?
Tiger: it's not an ice lolly it's an ice cream
Mummy: I knew you were going to say that!
Tiger: I knew you were going to get it wrong!!

"Mummy I have found the best hiding place!"

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Meet the Diddie Bow Tees and Exciting New Shop!!!

Meet my new baby, the Diddie Bow Tees!! The Diddie Bow Tees came about when I was on the hunt for a simple smart tee that I could dress up or down as I pleased. I couldn't find one that was affordable and that fit the bill so decided to make my own, with the help of my forever trusty mum! Here he is and available to buy in our Brand Spanking New Shop!! (if you can't tell i'm very excited about it all!)

Diddie Bow Tees - Geranium and Dark Grey £6.00
The beauty of the Diddie Bow Tees is its bespoke, choosing from either a Grey, White or Black 100% cotton Tee and then choosing the colour/pattern of your handmade Diddie Bow.

Diddie Bow Tees - Bottle and Light Grey £6.00
Dress it up with a smart waist coat or blazer or dress is down with a hoodie or denim jacket, either way it looks super cute!

Diddie Bow Tees - Cornflower and White £6.00


Diddie Bow Tees - Baby

Meet Diddie Bow Tees - Baby! Also available to buy in our new shiny shop! This super cute little vest can be worn for a special occasion, dressed down with a little hoodie/cardi or when its hot nothing but a Diddie Bow Tees Baby and scrummy bare feet! *Warning, be prepared to get plenty of cooing from passers by!

Diddie Bow Tees Baby - Stars mini £4.50
Just like the Diddie Bow Tees you can choose the colour/design of your Diddie Bow and whether you prefer Mini or Maxi size Bow. In sizes 3-6 months to 12-18 months.

Diddie Bow Tees Baby - Charcoal Maxi £4.50


Thursday, 2 May 2013

Little Chortles Part 13

Mummy: Did you know that bees make honey in their hives?
Tiger: Yes, I have knowledge of that!

"Do you want to see my BRILLIANT spider picture, one spider is happy, this is one is spoooooky and he's just bored!"

Mummy: Do you know you will be four (showing him four fingers) on your birthday?
Tiger: Cor i'm a lot of fingers now!

"Yeah Back IN THE net"

Daddy: Tiger just told me I was rubbish at the Monsters Inc game
(in the distance) Tiger: AND Temple Run!!

"He wants more dinner?!! He's a greedy GUPS!" (greedy guts)
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