Tuesday, 14 May 2013

About the Lads

Interview with Tiger...

How old are you?
(Show's me 3 fingers) but soon I will be (show's me 4 fingers) and I will get lots of new toys for my birthday!!

What's your favorite colour?
Yellow today but yesterday it was green, I like lots of colours, its good to like lots of colours.

What's your most favorite thing to do?
Buy new toys and then play with my new toys! I like going to Disney Land, can we go to Disney Land today?

What's your favorite film?
Toy Story the spooky one, the one with Baby Face, I like really spooky things!

What's do you like to wear the most?
My spooky skellie pajamas! oooH I am a skellie and I live in a spooky haunted house!

What's your favorite game on the iPad?
Minja Turtles, I am super good at it! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Interview with Beaux...

How old are you?
Dada Dada

Whats your most favorite Toy?
Dada Dada (blows raspberry and attempts to bang on laptop so mummy steps in) Basically anything of Tigers and anything he can get his teeth suck into, usually someone else's finger! he's teething at the moment.

What's his most favorite thing to do?
Other than eat, Beaux has a great appetite its made weaning easy peasy! He loves exploring, he is now siting up unaided and realises that he can do a few rolls to get him places, when its warm out he's happiest on a blanket in the garden watching the birds, feeling the grass and attempting to eat flowers.

What's his favorite colour?
I have no idea what it might be but for now I love dressing him in blues, greens and greys as he has the most amazing blue/grey eyes and it really makes them sparkle.

What do you most like dressing him in?
I am taking full advantage of him still being a baby, I love dressing him in little costume type clothes (hats with ears, super hero rompers etc) But mainly I dress him for comfort, I won't put him in anything restrictive, I want him to have plenty wriggle and roll room!



  1. These two really are the most adorable little lads ever!!!!


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