Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Meet the Diddie Bow Tees and Exciting New Shop!!!

Meet my new baby, the Diddie Bow Tees!! The Diddie Bow Tees came about when I was on the hunt for a simple smart tee that I could dress up or down as I pleased. I couldn't find one that was affordable and that fit the bill so decided to make my own, with the help of my forever trusty mum! Here he is and available to buy in our Brand Spanking New Shop!! (if you can't tell i'm very excited about it all!)

Diddie Bow Tees - Geranium and Dark Grey £6.00
The beauty of the Diddie Bow Tees is its bespoke, choosing from either a Grey, White or Black 100% cotton Tee and then choosing the colour/pattern of your handmade Diddie Bow.

Diddie Bow Tees - Bottle and Light Grey £6.00
Dress it up with a smart waist coat or blazer or dress is down with a hoodie or denim jacket, either way it looks super cute!

Diddie Bow Tees - Cornflower and White £6.00


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