Monday, 27 May 2013

Tiger's Birthday!!!

We celebrated Tiger's 4th  birthday which was a little emotional for me, four years old makes him an official 'big boy' in his world and I wondered if he will soon stop letting me kiss him in public, call me mum instead of mummy and find me uncool to play with?!! Sniffle!  The day however was a lot less doom and gloom and really lovely, the sun shone like it has every year on his birthday since he's been born making our intimate family birthday BBQ (spooky theme, of course!) run smoothly.

The kiddies dressed in their best spooky outfits, I got my creative on and designed and made his birthday cake (a first for me) my mum knocked up some divine tandoori chicken and jerk pork to be cooked perfectly on the BBQ by the mister.

We spent the whole afternoon eating, drinking, throwing water balloons, getting spooky themed tattoos and I  quote "mummy that was the bestest spooky party ever!" Happy 4th Birthday to our big boy! x

At the crack of dawn opening birthday cards
Spooky Pirate Skellie and Black Cat
A sleepy baby Dracula
Designing our own spooky faces was so much fun but it did get a bit competitive! 
A few of our most favorite people
The Water balloons and skellie tattoos....ooh could be a cool name for a band???
Beaux loves a good balloon
Peek a boo Daddy
So proud of my Red Velvet spooky themed cake



  1. I love this!

    I'm so glad we were able to be a part a Tigers special day. I love that the sun always shines on his birthday - to me it represents the sunshine he has brought into our lives with his fun spirit, funny things he says and the fact that he is a delight to be around. I'm extremely proud to be his auntie and I love both of the boys with all my heart.


    1. Thank you, what a beautiful thing to say. The lads are both lucky to have you as an auntie x


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