Wednesday, 15 May 2013

We won't be train spotting!

After taking a trip on the train to the Natural History Museum a few weeks back and with both little lads enjoying it so much I thought it would be nice to go on a Steam Train for a day out. I came across a Spa Valley Railways Groupon deal, £10 for a family of 4 which is extremely reasonable for a day out.

When we got there it was chaotic and busy with all other Groupon users trying to exchange their print outs for tickets however the lads didn't seem to be bothered and were fascinated by the Steam Train itself. The outside of the train was great to look at but the inside really could have done with a make over (and normally I am a huge fan of shabby chic and all things antique). Saying that it wasn't all bad, I did love the feel of the individual cabins, we made friends with a beautiful Husky, the lads enjoyed it and for a tenner I shouldn't complain.

What I did really love about the train ride was it was in Tunbridge Wells!! Beautiful quaint cobbled streets, with interesting little shops and tummy growling cafes and restaurants! I'm not sure we will be going back on the train ride (although we were glad we went) but Tunbridge Wells will definitely be getting another visit.

Spa Valley Railways


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