Monday, 13 May 2013

What?! Boys in Pastels??

The worlds gone mad!! Hehe! This post was inspired by one of our Little Likely Lads Facebook followers, he was talking about our post on boys wearing girls skinny jeans, he mentioned that there wasn't many colours a boy could wear without it looking suspiciously like girls jeans. I responded by advising to buy bold colours like red, greens and blues and to stay away from pastels but I'm here today admitting I was wrong! I recently bought Tiger these yellow pastel skinny jeans (£5 Primark girls section) and I adore them! I think the trick is to wear pastel skinnies with dark tops, here I've opted for a black Ramones Tee (I love that Tiger now shouts "hey ho let's go!" when he's wearing it!) I think it balances out the prettiness of the pastel, give it a go and let me know if your little lad can rock pastels too?

Tiger showing off his modelling versatility



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for commenting! And apologies for misleading you, boys can indeed wear pastels!! X

  2. Love it!!!!

    Stumbled across this very same Tshirt yesterday and brought it! Didn't realise it had writing on the back as well. A real bargain!!

    I love the idea and look of the pastels skinnies.

    1. Oh brilliant, I did look online to see if the Ramone tee was still available to buy at H&M but couldn't find it online! I guess it's still in store!

      Glad you like the look, I was a bit unsure when I bought the skinnies

    2. But for £5 it was worth the risk! I'm now wondering if he could get away with a lilac pair??! x


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