Sunday, 30 June 2013

Off on Holiday!!

Myself and the little lads are off on holiday this week leaving the mister at home alone (better stock up on noodles and tins of tuna!!)

I am taking time off from blogging for a week although I am sure the odd holiday photo will pop up on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so don't forget to follow.

Be back soon, have a good week x


Friday, 28 June 2013

Britmums Live: What I learnt

Gosh darn-it where do I start?! Britmums Live as a newbie blogger is one of the best moves I have made so far! From the informative sessions to inspiration talks not to mention all the fantastic new people I've met. I've learnt so much all of which I am currently putting into practice but I still have a long way to go. Besides all of the technical/theory bits and bobs, three things stuck in my head....

ONE - Be true to yourself, blog what you want not what you think others want or what you think you should be blogging about. It will never flow as easily if its forced.

TWO - Be passionate, put your all into it, never enter a blog post you feel half hearted about.

THREE - Have fun and use ALL of your creativity to keep your blog unique.

So this got me to thinking, when I begun Little Likely Lads I wanted to create a blog for boys affordable fashion with snippets of our family life. Beaux at the time was only 4 months old and I was still carrying baby weight, I had gotten quite big during my pregnancy and lived in maxi dresses and once I lost the weight I was left with a body I didn't quite recognise and wasn't sure how to dress it. Before I really enjoyed fashion, not particularly following  fashion but enjoyed finding beautiful clothes as a whole, especially vintage goodies. Gradually as time goes on I've got my mojo back and have grown in confidence, i'm enjoying shopping for myself again as well as the little lads.

From this I have decided to include a 'Me Too' section,  I have dabbled in this a little on the blog but from now on I will make it a weekly feature. This section will be about affordable cool fashion for us mummy's having to get ready in a hurry.

NOW lets talk about TK Maxx, if you are a regular on the blog you will know I am always harping on about them!  Well imagine my absolute delight when I discovered they were sponsors at Britmums Live! I could barely keep it together especially when we booked in for a personal consultation with a TK Maxx Stylist.

I was feeling fairly confident in my Friday outfit but I wanted to get a few tips from the professional. I noticed that when I find something that suits me, I can get in a rut and just buy similar variations of basically the same thing. I wanted to get some fresh ideas on new styles that would suit my shape.

I came away with some golden tips 'Always buy jeans in a smaller size, they should pinch slightly when trying them on in the dressing room, the fabric in jeans mean they will stretch when warmed up, hence the baggy knee and bum syndrome I sometimes get'.

 I also came away with these beautiful Harem Pants! When she handed them to me, my first thoughts were 'you must be confusing me with a tall and skinny lady!! they are going to look awful!' I had once been advised to stay away from Harem Pants, that they are not for curvy girls but I now think they were wrong. The Stylist advised me to look for lightweight materials that skimmed over my thighs and don't cling and always opt for a higher waist line. And I love these! They look great with high heels or flat sandals! Love! Love! Love!

Blouse Jigsaw (from Charity Shop) £2 Harem Pants TK Maxx £14.99 Sandals Primark £8


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Britmum Live: We stayed at the stunning Grange Hotel St. Paul's

I was lucky enough to go to Britmums Live 2013 with my good friend Filipa Kay aka BiB Finalist Gourmet Mum. We decided that we would stay in London instead of commuting each day. We stayed at the Grange Hotel  St. Paul's which is a 20 minute walk or 5 minutes taxi ride to the The Brewery (venue of Britmums Live)

Stunning outside view
The Grange Hotel St. Paul's is a short walk from Mansion House Tube station (well it would have been a short walk had we not walked in the wrong direction as soon as we left the underground! duh!) but once we realised our silly mistake it was very easy to find, a short 6 minutes walk.

When we arrived I was stunned by the hotel. It was contemporary, modern, open planned with a great view of St Paul's Cathedral . All the staff on our arrival were pleasant and helpful offering to carry our luggage. I was actually disappointed that we couldn't spend any time using their fantastic facilities (particularly the indoor pool) before rushing out to Britmums Live.

Swimming Pool and Sky Bar
We returned quite late and had already eaten out but decided to have a drink at the bar which was busy and had a  lively and friendly atmosphere.

We shared a Twin Superior Room which was in keeping with the rest of the hotel so no nasty surprises, cosy brown and golden tones, very clean and spacious, more than enough room for two girls with full overloaded suitcases to get ready in. There was a private bathroom, which was again very clean and modern and a hotel that gives good quality complimentary toiletries and fluffy bathrobes always get an extra thumbs up from me!

After a bit of jumping on the bed (errr as you do!) I had a fantastic nights sleep in the spacious firm (but not too firm) double bed with light duvet. The curtains were good quality and heavy so no outside light shone in.

Bed bouncing so should be an Olympic Sport!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! Its Filipa Kay Gourmet Mum
We checked out pretty early in time for the conference but not before we enjoyed a full English breakfast which was lush! Great quality food served as a buffet, the Cumberland sausages were especially yummy, I went in for seconds!

There was also Continental breakfast offering cereal, fruit, pastries and freshly baked bread.

Check out was quick and easy. Feeling slightly fragile from the few drinks the night before we opted to jump into a taxi which was waiting right outside for us.

I really enjoyed my stay at The Grange Hotel St .Paul's and would definitely stay again.

For more information visit

Disclaimer: We were offered a complimentary room for one night with breakfast at The Grange Hotel St. Paul's in return for an honest review. Opinions and words are my own. Some of the photographs used are stock images and do reflect a true likeness of the hotel.


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Britmums Live: What I Wore

Okay so for everyone this isn't a big deal but for me it is. I've labelled myself as a 'boys and mummy affordable fashion blogger' and I didn't want anyone to look me up and down and say "err you might want to rethink that!!" (of course no one was ever rude enough to actually do that but it is one of those irrational fears) plus lots of my confidence stems from feeling comfortable in what I'm wearing. There's was no dress code for Britmums Live so thought I would go smart casual on the Friday when I was feeling at my most self conscious and casual on the Saturday when I was feeling a bit more at ease.

Blouse Tesco Sale £6, Jeans Miss Selfridge £38, Boots Topshop Sale £20
I chose this blouse as I felt smart in it and the detail on the blouse broke up the black. I currently have a thing for high waisted jeans, they suit my shape and I don't have to worry about my muffin top! These ankle boots are currently my newest favorites, I can't get enough of leopard print but they are also faux pony skin too! The boots were just a fun injection of me, so I didn't feel too serious and uptight.

Top TK Maxx £14.99 Jeans Topshop £40 Converse Office Sale £25 
By the following day I was feeling much more confident and at ease, plus I was nursing a slight hangover so decided super casual was the way to go. I am stripe mad and this one is made of a really light breathable material (which was brilliant as I didn't realise there was going to be so much hugging involved!), high waisted jeans (again! I told you I have a thing about them!!) and Converse Slims. I felt so comfortable that in hindsight I would have gone super comfortable both days!


Monday, 24 June 2013

Britmums Live: Intro

Hooray! Hoorah! I made it out alive!! Actually it was nothing like that at all, but I was so incredibly nervous about going, I was so out of my comfort zone. Since being a 'stay at home mum' I never have to do anything that I don't want to, I could easily never build any new relationship or do things that makes me nervous. I would still have a nice and happy life but not one that's 100% fulfilled. I do think it's important to do things that scares you every once in a while. And Britmums Live 2013 my first blogging conference as a newbie blogger, surrounded by so many established and amazing bloggers scared the hell out of me! I had been told and had read what an amazing conference it is and being new I still have so much to learn, I knew I had to get over my nerves and go!

Tiger the same week went to his 'taster day at big school' it was a full day, he knew no one and we were advised to just drop him off at reception, a quick kiss goodbye and leave, so that is what we did. When we collected him, he told us he had a great day and is now looking forward to going after the summer holidays. I asked him who he played with to which he replied "mummy I didn't know anyone so I played with everyone!" I was so proud of him, what a brave and clever thing to do! So taking the advise of my 4yr old little boy (a bit sad I know) I decided I would approach Britmums Live 2013 in the same way and I did! I had an amazing time, met loads of great new friends, bagged myself great tips and most of all had fun.

I am going to post this week about my whole experience as a newbie blogger at Britmums Live so keep an eye out.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

In loving memory of the sun

Looking out of the window at the dull grey sky, thinking about comfort food, in my woolly jumper and heating on in June! But these photos make me smile...


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Acid green skinnies

Eek! I love these acid green skinny jeans so much that I am dedicating a whole post to them! I discovered them in Peacocks, I wasn't even suppose to be in there but the one time I forgot to pack a spare change of clothes for Beaux he did what I call 'an up the backer!' (I will let you use your imagination as to what that is) so I was in Peacocks looking for cheap romper.

I came across these beauties, errr yes in the girls section! I love the unusual colour, the material and shape are really good quality, they don't lose their shape and get baggy at the knees as the day goes on. The only downside was they had pink buttons!! Now I don't mind putting my little lads in girls skinny jeans as long as they don't look like they are for girls! So once Tiger had tried them on I used black permanent marker to colour over the buttons! It worked a treat and you would never know they were once baby pink! The mister really likes them too and doesn't even know they were once girl skinnies...well until now that is!

Acid Skinny Jeans Peacock £9.00


Friday, 14 June 2013

Little Chortles Part 18

(After coming home from a long day out)
Tiger: Mummy come in the garden and play with the water bombs with me.
Mummy: Not right now, I just want a cup of tea and to UNWIND
Tiger: But I was to WIND

(playing shop)
Mummy: So how much will that be?
Tiger: Eleven nine ninety pounds thank you!

(in the bath)
"Can I tell you something mummy, bubbles do not taste nice!!"

(Saying bye to his best friend after nursery)
Tiger: Goodbye stinky!
Charlie: Goodbye poo poo!
Mummy: That's not a nice way to say bye
Tiger: That's just how best friends talk, don't worry about it!!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Your Little Likely Lad - Feature 2

We are sharing the love! And we love your little lads styles too, check out this dude aka 'The Snapback Kid' and what his mum has to say about his style.

Mum Says "He puts his outfits together and calls himself the snapback kid! He loves snapback caps, Vans, skinny jeans and a nice shirt buttoned all the way up!"

Fav Shops: H&M, Sometimes Primark and Zara Kids. His Blazers are from second hand shops.

If you would like Your Little Likely Lad to be feature here, please CONTACT US


Monday, 10 June 2013

Little Rockabilly the 'Tiger Cut'

I can't believe Tiger's hair cut is actually trending, how exciting and what a compliment! I have seen a few photos on Instagram of other gorgeous little lads with the 'Tiger Cut' (yes i'm so naming it!)  one mum even told me that she took Tigers photo to the barbers!

I really struggled with the idea of Tiger having his haircut after the first time I took him to the barbers when he was about 18 months old and the barber tried to scalp him! okay slight exaggeration he just cut it much shorter than I wanted so from then I decided he would grow it and I would just trim it myself.

I have always stroked Tiger's hair from a baby when trying to settle him to now when we are cuddled up watching a film, he has perfected twirling a lock around his finger when he's having quiet time which is super cute. However when his hair got to about shoulder length and with his full long lashes we started getting a lot of 'aww what a beautiful little GIRL' and 'how old is your little GIRL and what beautiful curls she's has' I decided that it was time for the chop!

I did a bit of research online but couldn't find any styles I liked for mixed race boys. It was either a head full of curls (which he already had) shaven low (which I didn't want as he still likes to play with it) or with patterns in (which I do like but would be too much maintenance) I wanted something manageable and cool. So decided to make my own style, long at the front so he has something to play with and short at the back and sides. I took him to the barbers (a different one!) and watched closely to get some tips on how to do it myself the next time.. I now cut Tigers hair myself, trim the top with scissors and shave the sides, while he watches his favorite film. I will write another post/tutorial on how to achieve the 'Tiger Cut' after his next cut this week.
Tiger's hair throughout the years


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Little Chortles Part 17

Mummy: Aww you're my baby
Tiger: No I am not!!
Mummy: Sorry my big boy
Tiger: No I'm a 'GROW'ed Up!! (grown up)

"If I woke up and you weren't here, I would just go back to sleep OR the bugs could just look after me!"

"When Beaux was in your tummy I thought he would be horrible, buts he's very nice actually!"

(In the bath)
Mummy: Come on Tiger, you can wash yourself now you are a big boy
(washes himself)
Tiger: Smell me mummy, do I smell 'so fresh and so clean clean!'


Monday, 3 June 2013

Car Boot Challenge

I've not been to many Car Boot sales, firstly I'm not a morning person and they usually start so early, secondly I'm not a lover of being cold and wet so the thought of a Car Boot sale doesn't conjure up the best images for me. However I do love the thrill of not knowing what treasure I might find. I came across the Taplow Giant Car Boot, it started at 10am, it was a sunny day and I only had baby Beaux for the morning so why not?

Well the car boot was definitely giant! I was there for about 2hrs and I only covered half the grounds, but that didn't stop me! Shock horror I found loads of treasure for myself and only a few bits for the lads.

Here's a few of my favorite finds of the day...

Full Length Vintage Faux Fur £6.00 
We may all question the British summer but one thing is for sure we always get a winter! This is a great time to buy your fur coat when everyone else is thinking about sandals!

Office Brogues £6.00
Vintage Shoes £1.00
I can't get enough of these shoes, they are actually bridal shoes but I will so wear these with denim shorts or skinny jeans as well as pretty floral dresses. When the lady told me the price I almost threw the pound at her and run off in case she changed her mind!

A total of £13 for two pairs of shoes and a faux fur coat can't be bad?! I also picked up for Beaux a wooden toy 20p, a Baby Gap denim jacket 75p and another hooded denim jacket (for only 20p I couldn't leave it behind). For Tiger a full Batman costume £2, a pair of red Converse £3 and a skellie toy 10p. I also found a hand painted lucky horseshoe which I adore 50p. A grand total of £16.75!! I always 'friendly haggle' i'm never pushy and find if you talk to the seller before about their items they will usually give you a discount. I guess they feel they have already invested time in you so wouldn't want you to walk away without a sale, plus most sellers want to get rid of their stock and don't want to pack it all back up and find somewhere at home to store it all. So give it ago, the worst that could happen is they say no.
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