Sunday, 16 June 2013

Acid green skinnies

Eek! I love these acid green skinny jeans so much that I am dedicating a whole post to them! I discovered them in Peacocks, I wasn't even suppose to be in there but the one time I forgot to pack a spare change of clothes for Beaux he did what I call 'an up the backer!' (I will let you use your imagination as to what that is) so I was in Peacocks looking for cheap romper.

I came across these beauties, errr yes in the girls section! I love the unusual colour, the material and shape are really good quality, they don't lose their shape and get baggy at the knees as the day goes on. The only downside was they had pink buttons!! Now I don't mind putting my little lads in girls skinny jeans as long as they don't look like they are for girls! So once Tiger had tried them on I used black permanent marker to colour over the buttons! It worked a treat and you would never know they were once baby pink! The mister really likes them too and doesn't even know they were once girl skinnies...well until now that is!

Acid Skinny Jeans Peacock £9.00


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