Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Britmums Live: What I Wore

Okay so for everyone this isn't a big deal but for me it is. I've labelled myself as a 'boys and mummy affordable fashion blogger' and I didn't want anyone to look me up and down and say "err you might want to rethink that!!" (of course no one was ever rude enough to actually do that but it is one of those irrational fears) plus lots of my confidence stems from feeling comfortable in what I'm wearing. There's was no dress code for Britmums Live so thought I would go smart casual on the Friday when I was feeling at my most self conscious and casual on the Saturday when I was feeling a bit more at ease.

Blouse Tesco Sale £6, Jeans Miss Selfridge £38, Boots Topshop Sale £20
I chose this blouse as I felt smart in it and the detail on the blouse broke up the black. I currently have a thing for high waisted jeans, they suit my shape and I don't have to worry about my muffin top! These ankle boots are currently my newest favorites, I can't get enough of leopard print but they are also faux pony skin too! The boots were just a fun injection of me, so I didn't feel too serious and uptight.

Top TK Maxx £14.99 Jeans Topshop £40 Converse Office Sale £25 
By the following day I was feeling much more confident and at ease, plus I was nursing a slight hangover so decided super casual was the way to go. I am stripe mad and this one is made of a really light breathable material (which was brilliant as I didn't realise there was going to be so much hugging involved!), high waisted jeans (again! I told you I have a thing about them!!) and Converse Slims. I felt so comfortable that in hindsight I would have gone super comfortable both days!



  1. Two lovely outfits... but then you always look lovely! Great photos, who took those? Surely some awesome photographer :)

    1. So sorry I missed this comment, especially as it is such a lovely comment too! Thank you!!

      The super talented photographer is 'THE' Gourmet Mum!! x


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