Monday, 3 June 2013

Car Boot Challenge

I've not been to many Car Boot sales, firstly I'm not a morning person and they usually start so early, secondly I'm not a lover of being cold and wet so the thought of a Car Boot sale doesn't conjure up the best images for me. However I do love the thrill of not knowing what treasure I might find. I came across the Taplow Giant Car Boot, it started at 10am, it was a sunny day and I only had baby Beaux for the morning so why not?

Well the car boot was definitely giant! I was there for about 2hrs and I only covered half the grounds, but that didn't stop me! Shock horror I found loads of treasure for myself and only a few bits for the lads.

Here's a few of my favorite finds of the day...

Full Length Vintage Faux Fur £6.00 
We may all question the British summer but one thing is for sure we always get a winter! This is a great time to buy your fur coat when everyone else is thinking about sandals!

Office Brogues £6.00
Vintage Shoes £1.00
I can't get enough of these shoes, they are actually bridal shoes but I will so wear these with denim shorts or skinny jeans as well as pretty floral dresses. When the lady told me the price I almost threw the pound at her and run off in case she changed her mind!

A total of £13 for two pairs of shoes and a faux fur coat can't be bad?! I also picked up for Beaux a wooden toy 20p, a Baby Gap denim jacket 75p and another hooded denim jacket (for only 20p I couldn't leave it behind). For Tiger a full Batman costume £2, a pair of red Converse £3 and a skellie toy 10p. I also found a hand painted lucky horseshoe which I adore 50p. A grand total of £16.75!! I always 'friendly haggle' i'm never pushy and find if you talk to the seller before about their items they will usually give you a discount. I guess they feel they have already invested time in you so wouldn't want you to walk away without a sale, plus most sellers want to get rid of their stock and don't want to pack it all back up and find somewhere at home to store it all. So give it ago, the worst that could happen is they say no.

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