Monday, 10 June 2013

Little Rockabilly the 'Tiger Cut'

I can't believe Tiger's hair cut is actually trending, how exciting and what a compliment! I have seen a few photos on Instagram of other gorgeous little lads with the 'Tiger Cut' (yes i'm so naming it!)  one mum even told me that she took Tigers photo to the barbers!

I really struggled with the idea of Tiger having his haircut after the first time I took him to the barbers when he was about 18 months old and the barber tried to scalp him! okay slight exaggeration he just cut it much shorter than I wanted so from then I decided he would grow it and I would just trim it myself.

I have always stroked Tiger's hair from a baby when trying to settle him to now when we are cuddled up watching a film, he has perfected twirling a lock around his finger when he's having quiet time which is super cute. However when his hair got to about shoulder length and with his full long lashes we started getting a lot of 'aww what a beautiful little GIRL' and 'how old is your little GIRL and what beautiful curls she's has' I decided that it was time for the chop!

I did a bit of research online but couldn't find any styles I liked for mixed race boys. It was either a head full of curls (which he already had) shaven low (which I didn't want as he still likes to play with it) or with patterns in (which I do like but would be too much maintenance) I wanted something manageable and cool. So decided to make my own style, long at the front so he has something to play with and short at the back and sides. I took him to the barbers (a different one!) and watched closely to get some tips on how to do it myself the next time.. I now cut Tigers hair myself, trim the top with scissors and shave the sides, while he watches his favorite film. I will write another post/tutorial on how to achieve the 'Tiger Cut' after his next cut this week.
Tiger's hair throughout the years


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