Wednesday, 31 July 2013

FREE Day Out - Virginia Water

I am on the hunt for free days out for the summer holidays and Virginia Waters is definitely one for the list along with P.Y.O. Entry is free but unless you are lucky to find street parking you will have to pay to use their car park (£6 is the maximum per day.) This was our first time at Virginia Waters, I didn't realise it was so big and really beautiful, it was so picturesque that I struggled to pick my favorite photos to post. The lake is huge and has a path around it so great if you want to take the kids bikes/scooters/pushchair.

When we went there was a stall selling hotdogs, cakes etc and an ice-cream van parked near the Ruins. We couldn't find a toilet but they are currently building a pavilion which should be finished in a few weeks time.

We stayed for a few hours but could have easily stayed all day had we taken a picnic and some friends! My top tip, take the dog for a day out too and if you don't have one of your own borrow a friends.


Monday, 29 July 2013

Falling back in love with Urban Outfitters

Dress Urban Outfitters sale £30 Sandals Clarks sale £25

I don't know if it's an age thing but I don't feel the need to follow fashion or to be trendy. I now prefer to dress for my shape in clothes I feel still reflect my personality. If they happen to be 'in fashion' then great! bonus! But the women I feel most inspired by tend to have their own style dress for themselves and look comfortable and confident in their own skin.

I have recently fallen back in love with pretty dresses and Urban Outfitters which is super trendy and I can find a bit intimidating however I discovered their Cooperative range, Beautiful colours, shapely with 'swooshy material (yeah swooshy! The type of material that makes you want to twirl like a five year old girl!) I can't get enough of Cooperative and managed to bag a couple of dresses in the Urban Outfitters sale. Their sales have amazing discounts, this dress was originally £60 and the other dress I bought was only £10 from £55, sales are still on! and free delivery on orders over £60!!


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Double Denim Baby Style

Okay well not technically denim more denim look. Beaux is crawling now! Hooray! He's reaching his mile stones! Boo! He's reaching for anything he can now get his hands on!! (time to baby proof!) I really hate anything that feels restrictive on him so these jeggings are perfect a great alternative to jeans and I just had to have this stars and stripes tee that I found in the Next sale. I love the look of this outfit, a proper little lad.

T-Shirt Next sale £2.50 Jeggings Tesco £4.00

Posing is hard work!


Monday, 22 July 2013

Zulily! Daily Deals for Mums, Babies and Kids!

Hello!! Why am I only now hearing about Zulily?! You should all know by now that I love finding a bargain and Zulily is full of them!! Every day new bargains can be found, you never know what kind of quality goodies you will discover and personally I love the thrill of that! From super cute clothing for your little lad or lass to trendy women's wear, the latest toys and unique home wear.

Once you have registered (free!) to Zulily you will receive an email every day informing you of that days deals. Amazing quality brands, some you will recognise and some that will become new loves but all with massive discounts.  I am slightly addicted and can't stop checking to see what deals they have each day!

Blazer £23.99, Tee £9.99 and Trousers £23.99 Imp & Elf at Zulily

I have never heard of Imp & Elf before but now I love them! So suited to Tigers style and practical enough he could have a good run around in them. However I couldn't justify buying them at the RRP but through Zulily there was up to 50% off!! Massive savings!

Current Zulily Events we love!

Huge discounts off French Connection!

If you are planning on going on a beach holiday this half term then check out Wild Child, they have some really cute swimwear, I am considering the shark all in one swimsuit for Beaux. But be quick all deals for Wild Child end tomorrow.

Also check out Burgs what a quirky brand. Love! love! love! the Hawaiian shirt!

Disclaimer: We were offered the complimentary Imp & Elf outfit in return for an honest review. Opinions and photographs are my own. 

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

FREE Day Out - P.Y.O Grays Farm

A good friend of mine invited us along to go Strawberry picking at Grays Farm, we've never been before but we are a lover of strawberries and I can barely stop Tiger from picking at things in the garden so I knew he would be in his element.

Admission to the farm is free the only costs are the weight of your fruit/veg, the little baskets at 40p each and if you can't resist any of the goodies in their shop! I am sucker for homemade jams and chutneys!

It was a really hot day and the strawberries were so big, fat and juicy! I will go on record to say the best i've ever tried! We were a bit naughty and some trying before we buy went on! Tiger kept saying "Oh mummy, look at this massive one, I really should try it!" how could I say no, it is fruit after all.

There were loads of variety of fruit and veg to chose from but it was so hot we only managed the strawberries and raspberries. My only advise to you is do not wear white! (strawberry juice doesn't come out easily!!) or wear your favorite shoes! We all needed a good bath when we got home!

I am sure Grays Farm will be seeing us a few more times in the up coming summer holidays!

Mums do travel

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bath Spa - Kiddie Free Weekend

Boom-Shacka-Lacka! Now don't get me wrong, we love our kiddies but I also think its important for our family that we spend some couple time together as well. We are lucky enough to have my mum and sister who are always ready and happy to have the lads while we swan off for a weekend away somewhere.

As a Christmas present (yes Christmas 7 months ago!!) The Misters dad gave us some tickets for Bath Spa, neither of us had been before so thought it was time to cash them in! As the mister is originally from Bath we have been a fair few times visiting family but never had any time to really wonder, look and explore. The Mister was in his element giving me the full guided tour which went a little like "There's The Abbey and here's where we all snuck off as teenagers to get drunk and look for girls!" which obviously is very important!

Bath itself is beautiful! Full of interesting historic buildings, quaint cobbled streets with darling little boutiques, cosy cafes all which has fantastic views! We really lucked out and the weather was beautifully sunny, so good strolling around weather.

The stunning view from Pulteney Bridge

 Beautiful Pulteney Weir
Left: The Abbey Right Top: The Mister with a new Stag Man Friend!

We arrived at Thermae Bath Spa  early the next morning at about 9.30am, we wanted to get there early as you can not book in advance, its a first come first served for two housr slots so if there is a queue you could be waiting for ages! Luckily at that time we walked right in, although its an old building inside is very modern and clean. There are a several floors with the roof pool being the main attraction, it really didn't disappoint! Gorgeously warm water with amazing views of The Abbey. My other favorite place at the Spa were the steam rooms, 5 large glass looking pods with different aroma therapies in each.

We both left after two hours which was more enough time, feeling truly relaxed. It was amazing and we will definitely be going again!
Thermae Bath Spa sorry no photos of the inside, I didn't think the other visitors would appreciate me snapping away!
We stumbled on this little Square hidden behind the Theatre Royal Bath it was so cute and the perfect place to have a little lunch before we headed back home to collect our little lads for plenty of cuddles and kisses!

My Instagram Pics of our little weekend, don't forget to follow @littlelikelylads for daily photo updates


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Your Little Likely Lads - Feature 3

We are sharing the love! And we love your little likely lads styles too, check out RD and what his mummy has to say about his style.

Mummy Says "RD likes to dress smart so he will take his time to put outfits together. If he had his own way he would wear a nice pair of jeans, cardigan/shirt and his going out shoes to nursery everyday! He's not all that into trainers (apart from his red Lightning McQueens) so if you see him in joggers and a hoodie you know I made him wear them!"

Fav Shops: Gap (in the sales) H&M, Asda George, Morrisons Nutmeg, Primark and Sports Direct

RD's mummy has recently started a blog of her own called Single Super Mummy be sure to check it out.

If you would like your Little Likely Lad to be featured here, please Contact Us

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Little Chortles Part 19

(Sharing a bath with his sister)
Violet: Tiger the waters getting cold let me put some more hot water in
Tiger: Do you know when you do a wee it makes it warm?
Violet: Errr I'm getting out!

Nigormous = Ginormous

Granny: Yummy this apple is so sweet, would you like some?
Tiger: No thanks, did you know if you eat all of the apple you will be left with the apple core?
Granny: And if you plant the apple seeds they will grow into a big...
Tiger: Beanstalk?

Mummy: Goodnight my handsome little boy
Tiger: Goodnight my HANDSOME mummy!

Auntie: So Tiger, when are you coming to stay at Auntie Ts house again?
(thinks about it)
Tiger: NONE-Day!!

(Watering the plants)
Tiger: Look mummy I'm the water man
Mummy: Man? I thought you were a big boy?
Tiger: No I'm a REAL MAN

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Leggings for Boys

Now Beaux is 9 months I am reluctantly dressing him in less rompers and looking for little outfits for him, as I've mentioned before I want him to look cute but as he's getting his crawl on I don't want him to wear anything restrictive, he's also has scrummy baby rolls so I wouldn't want anything that might feel tight on him, so I've been looking for clothing with plenty of stretch. I have found my search quite difficult only finding mainly joggers (yeah he wears these) jeans (too restrictive especially for his chubby little legs) and shorts (okay there are a few different styles but the sun is so temperamental!)

So I've been up to my old tricks again and have been looking in the girls section, its sad to say but the girls section always has more variety. First of all I found jeggings, these have been a great alternative to jeans, he now has a few pairs of these and dare I say it, leggings! When dressing him I use the same concept as my post 'What Boys in Pastels' if he's wearing girls leggings, I make sure the top he is wearing is quite boyish (if that's even a word, spell check hasn't questioned me so i'm going with it!) I think they look so cute, there's a great range out there and are reasonable cheap, give them a chance!

Mint Leggings Tesco £2.50
Beaux is perfecting his crawl so this photo shoot was basically chasing him about with the camera!

And he's off again!

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