Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Leggings for Boys

Now Beaux is 9 months I am reluctantly dressing him in less rompers and looking for little outfits for him, as I've mentioned before I want him to look cute but as he's getting his crawl on I don't want him to wear anything restrictive, he's also has scrummy baby rolls so I wouldn't want anything that might feel tight on him, so I've been looking for clothing with plenty of stretch. I have found my search quite difficult only finding mainly joggers (yeah he wears these) jeans (too restrictive especially for his chubby little legs) and shorts (okay there are a few different styles but the sun is so temperamental!)

So I've been up to my old tricks again and have been looking in the girls section, its sad to say but the girls section always has more variety. First of all I found jeggings, these have been a great alternative to jeans, he now has a few pairs of these and dare I say it, leggings! When dressing him I use the same concept as my post 'What Boys in Pastels' if he's wearing girls leggings, I make sure the top he is wearing is quite boyish (if that's even a word, spell check hasn't questioned me so i'm going with it!) I think they look so cute, there's a great range out there and are reasonable cheap, give them a chance!

Mint Leggings Tesco £2.50
Beaux is perfecting his crawl so this photo shoot was basically chasing him about with the camera!

And he's off again!



  1. We LOVE leggings in this house. Both my boys still wear them. Matalan have some great choices (and in the boys section!) I have a rule of 'no hair cuts or jeans before 1!'

  2. Hooray!! I thought I was the only one, what age do you think they can get away with wearing them? I was actually considering buying a pair for Tiger who has just turned four, but i'm in two minds.

    Thanks for commenting, I will be making a hop skip and a jump to Matalan to check out their range! x


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