Thursday, 11 July 2013

Little Chortles Part 19

(Sharing a bath with his sister)
Violet: Tiger the waters getting cold let me put some more hot water in
Tiger: Do you know when you do a wee it makes it warm?
Violet: Errr I'm getting out!

Nigormous = Ginormous

Granny: Yummy this apple is so sweet, would you like some?
Tiger: No thanks, did you know if you eat all of the apple you will be left with the apple core?
Granny: And if you plant the apple seeds they will grow into a big...
Tiger: Beanstalk?

Mummy: Goodnight my handsome little boy
Tiger: Goodnight my HANDSOME mummy!

Auntie: So Tiger, when are you coming to stay at Auntie Ts house again?
(thinks about it)
Tiger: NONE-Day!!

(Watering the plants)
Tiger: Look mummy I'm the water man
Mummy: Man? I thought you were a big boy?
Tiger: No I'm a REAL MAN

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