Friday, 30 August 2013

What Beaux Wore

On holiday Beaux wore well nothing much! It was far too hot for the cute outfits I packed for him, the majority came back home unworn. He spent most of the days in the shade in nothing but a nappy and plenty of sun cream! Okay not the worlds best fashion advise but just look how scrummy!!


Thursday, 29 August 2013

What Tiger Wore

On holiday I kept it really simple, especially with only a 15kg allowance!! Fourteen T-shirts (one for during the day and one for the evening) I tried not to pack ones with those plastic transfers printed on as they can be really hot. Four pairs of shorts and a pair of Toms, Converse and Beach Shoes. I actually think I over packed as most days he was in his swimming trunks or swimsuit.

I also cut the curls off completely for the holiday just so he could keep cool. I like it it but Tiger (in his words) "I want my big soft bouncy curls back!" so he will be growing them back.

Tee Next Sale £3.00 Shorts Old Cut Jeans Converse eBay shop £21.99


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Our Family Holiday in Turkey

We've just returned from our family holiday in Turkey and although our holiday started rocky with our hotel rooms not being as expected we decided early on to make the the most of it and not to let it dampen our holiday spirit. Especially as we were with great friends, we were in beautiful surroundings and had been looking forward to it for what seemed like forever!

The sandy beach that was minutes walk from the resort was beautiful and the sea was warm! It was great watching Beaux having a paddle and the kids riding the waves on their floats.

Although most days were spent at the beach or lazing by the pool we ventured out to eat, browse the Turkish markets, eat ice cream and hunt out Turkish Delight!!

I love being on holiday letting our hair down and letting the kids stay up late, the resort offered some great night entertainment my favorites being dancing at the beach and foam party!

The Turkish sunsets were amazing!


Sunday, 18 August 2013

From Hampton Court to Kingston we go!

We couldn't quite get going after a very lazy Sunday morning and we had to be in Kingston that evening so decided to only drive part of the journey and ride a boat for the rest. We  parked at Hampton Court train station (which only cost us £2 for several hours) and jumped on a cute little boat. A return ticket for 2 adults and 2 children cost £20.

The kids (especially Beaux who is now in the inquisitive stage and loves to point and say "dat" at almost everything!) were really excited and loved being able to walk about on the boat and look over the edge, waving to everyone we passed.  The journey was about 30 minutes, which was plenty of time, any longer and I think the kids would have started to get restless.

We had a stroll down the river and a little wonder around the Kingston market, grabbing some amazing hog roast from one of the stalls. It was a lovely no stress little afternoon out.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Midi Dress

I had never considered wearing a Midi Dress, Maxi - yes! Mini - yes! But never Midi, I always thought that was the respectable length for grannies, well that is until I stumbled on this golden beauty. I have been converted and love Midi dresses, its great to have an alternative to 'flash your knickers at picnic mini's' or 'trip you up maxi's'. I am so glad to now have you in my life Midi dress!

Hat H&M (old and I can't remember the price) Dress Next Discount Store £5 Shoes Topshop (eBay) £15.99


Monday, 12 August 2013

MiniFeet Shoes

Proud mummy alert - Beaux took his first steps! Did the biggest smile and then applauded himself! I wish I had it recorded but its not a milestone I think I will be forgetting soon. Everyday he is testing out his new found skill so I thought it was time for some shoes. I prefer Beaux barefooted as I believe its best for his growing feet so I wanted shoes that were as close to this as possible and came across MiniFeet Shoes.

MiniFeet Shoes sell soft 100% leather shoes for babies and toddlers, with super cute designs. Beaux wore his for the first time on a day out and they got the thumbs up from me! Firstly I wanted shoes that were comfortable for him, soft, roomy without leaving any nasty little lines on his skin. Secondly I wanted a thin sole so he can feel the ground when taking his little uncertain steps and Thirdly I wanted shoes what were well made, looked cute and were affordable. MiniFeet Shoes ticked all of those boxes and we love them. They stayed on his little feet the whole time we were out, which is strange as he is always pulling his socks off so I like to think he loved them too!

Shoes MiniFeet Shoes £7.99

Disclaimer: We were offered complimentary Minifeet Shoes in return for an honest review. Opinions and photographs are my own. 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Little Chortles Part 20

Tiger: Mummy do you know how stinging nettles are made?
Mummy: No, do you?
Tiger: Yes! They start as normal plants, then a bee comes along and sting them! So now they sting everyone else!!

Returning home from holiday and seeing daddy
Daddy: Aww I missed you, it's not the same without you!
Tiger: But with me it is same!

Tiger: Have you seen my skeleton toy?
Mummy; Which one, you have lots?
Tiger: You know, the skeleton without the bones!!

Mummy: What are you doing by the window?
Tiger: I am trying to open it, I need some fresh!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The stunning Basildon Park

I have been umming and ahhing about becoming a National Trust member but Basildon Park sealed the deal for me! Well that and they currently have an offer on at the moment! If you haven't noticed we love being out in the countryside and Basildon Park is beautiful, that teamed up with a stunning manor house, the same house that Pride & Prejudice was filmed! Plus cream tea in adorable court yards I loved it!

We went with one of my dearest friends and ex-flat mate who shares the same interest in beautiful old things, we couldn't wait to have a nose around the manor house, unfortunately I wasn't able to take photos as they were filming 'something' top secret stuff! But it was stunning, a lot of original features or beautiful restoration. The only downfall was its not suitable for children, we were constantly worrying they might break something and there was no pushchair access so we had to take turns carrying Beaux. We've vowed to go back without the kids!

The grounds however are perfect for kids, plenty of wildlife to explore and a perfect place to picnic. This summer holiday they have an event called The Great Ball Run, maybe its the boys age but they were more interested in playing with stick and chasing each other! But older children may love it!

Basildon Park is definitely one for the list and we will visit again, I love that there is something for both the adults and the children to enjoy.


Monday, 5 August 2013

I love your Style

So why should we let the little lads have all the fun with Your Little Lads features I think you mums have fabulous styles too and I would really love to show you off!

To start this new feature it would be rude of me not to start with one of my dearest friends, ex-flat mate, all round stunner and fantastic mummy, Lauren! I have always loved Lauren's feminine pretty style and how she sees the beauty in the small things which I think shines through in the pieces she chooses.

Vintage Hat, Dress and Boots from Topshop

What Lauren Says:

Her Style: Since being a mum I can't be as frivolous on clothes shopping as I used to be so I will only ever shop for bargains in sales, charity shops and eBay. I love pretty much all things vintage and sequins!

Fav Shops: Topshop, Zara and River Island

Top Tips for Mums getting ready in a hurry: I try to buy classic key pieces now that will last and can mix and match easily. My trusty outfit for the nursery run is skinny jeans and a top, requires minimum effort when I am racing around in the morning!

If you are a mummy, have fabulous style and would like to be featured, please Contact Us

Sunday, 4 August 2013

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