Sunday, 18 August 2013

From Hampton Court to Kingston we go!

We couldn't quite get going after a very lazy Sunday morning and we had to be in Kingston that evening so decided to only drive part of the journey and ride a boat for the rest. We  parked at Hampton Court train station (which only cost us £2 for several hours) and jumped on a cute little boat. A return ticket for 2 adults and 2 children cost £20.

The kids (especially Beaux who is now in the inquisitive stage and loves to point and say "dat" at almost everything!) were really excited and loved being able to walk about on the boat and look over the edge, waving to everyone we passed.  The journey was about 30 minutes, which was plenty of time, any longer and I think the kids would have started to get restless.

We had a stroll down the river and a little wonder around the Kingston market, grabbing some amazing hog roast from one of the stalls. It was a lovely no stress little afternoon out.

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