Thursday, 8 August 2013

Little Chortles Part 20

Tiger: Mummy do you know how stinging nettles are made?
Mummy: No, do you?
Tiger: Yes! They start as normal plants, then a bee comes along and sting them! So now they sting everyone else!!

Returning home from holiday and seeing daddy
Daddy: Aww I missed you, it's not the same without you!
Tiger: But with me it is same!

Tiger: Have you seen my skeleton toy?
Mummy; Which one, you have lots?
Tiger: You know, the skeleton without the bones!!

Mummy: What are you doing by the window?
Tiger: I am trying to open it, I need some fresh!

1 comment

  1. “I need some fresh”! Sounds to me like he's already got enough of that!!!!!

    He's so funny x


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