Monday, 12 August 2013

MiniFeet Shoes

Proud mummy alert - Beaux took his first steps! Did the biggest smile and then applauded himself! I wish I had it recorded but its not a milestone I think I will be forgetting soon. Everyday he is testing out his new found skill so I thought it was time for some shoes. I prefer Beaux barefooted as I believe its best for his growing feet so I wanted shoes that were as close to this as possible and came across MiniFeet Shoes.

MiniFeet Shoes sell soft 100% leather shoes for babies and toddlers, with super cute designs. Beaux wore his for the first time on a day out and they got the thumbs up from me! Firstly I wanted shoes that were comfortable for him, soft, roomy without leaving any nasty little lines on his skin. Secondly I wanted a thin sole so he can feel the ground when taking his little uncertain steps and Thirdly I wanted shoes what were well made, looked cute and were affordable. MiniFeet Shoes ticked all of those boxes and we love them. They stayed on his little feet the whole time we were out, which is strange as he is always pulling his socks off so I like to think he loved them too!

Shoes MiniFeet Shoes £7.99

Disclaimer: We were offered complimentary Minifeet Shoes in return for an honest review. Opinions and photographs are my own. 

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