Monday, 30 September 2013

Matchy Matchy!

I don't usually dress the little lads in the same clothes but I loved this super cute Next Pump up the Volume T-Shirt so much so that I bought it twice!! I still dress them differently as there is 3 years age gap between them but I can't get enough of this Tee, its so versatile and to be honest you can't go too wrong with a white T-shirt, it's a basic necessity! I am also delighted that the weather is cool enough to get their autumn jackets out, both ridiculously cheap finds, Tiger's leather jacket is from my Charity Shop Challenge and Beaux's was from a Car Boot Sale.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I love your Style - Feature 2

I know summer is officially over but I had to do a feature on my gorgeous friend and fantastic mummy of two, Sylvia. I cornered her when we were on holiday in Turkey one evening because she just looked so stunning. Sylvia has been through so much in the past years but still manages to look so beautiful, confident and strong every time I see her. Have a look below to see what Sylvia has to say about her style and tips for mums getting ready in a hurry.

What Sylvia Says:

Fav Shops: I love the High Street and online shopping. I love New Look, Top Shop, Asos, TK Max and for special occasions - Selfridges.

My Style: I usually like clean line, sleek and fitted. Occasionally I'll wear patterns but usually keep to things I can mix and match.

Tips for Mums: Get clothes ready the night before, maybe even try to plan your clothes for 2 or 3 days in advance. Keep it simple. Also, instead of doing your whole make up, just do 2 or 3 things that highlight your best features.

If you are a mummy, have fabulous style and would like to be featured, please Contact Us

Monday, 23 September 2013

Slim Pickings this Autumn

This happens to us every Autumn, we have a fantastic summer of going to the beach, picnics and BBQ's then Autumn appears suddenly as if we didn't expect it to happen and we go into hibernation! We can't remember what we do when its cold and wet and how we keep the kids entertained.

So this weekend we decided to snap out of it, its still pretty mild so decided to go blackberry picking, we've left it a little late so it was slim pickings (its just dawned on me this second that this is probably where the phrase 'Slim Pickings' originated! Something to do with harvesting! I thought it was do to with end of sales at Topshop! Hehe!) We picked as many as we could find and spent the rest of the time collecting acorns, pine cones and fallen chestnuts for the kids to make their own mini forest when we returned home. They loved it and were excited to get started on their own forest, we did have further plans for later that afternoon but the kiddies were content playing with their woodland finds and I got stuck into making a Blackberry, Apple and Sultanas Crumble that we didn't bother with them, such a lovely little stroll in the forest.


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Friday, 20 September 2013

Uniqlo Kids

I think I've been missing a trick! If you read my blog you will know I am a major fan of H&M for the little lads, well Uniqlo in my eyes are a bit like H&M and they now do Uniqlo Kids and Babies (this might not be news but it is to me!) I complete forget about Uniqlo when shopping as there isn't a store local to me, so its a bit out of sight out of mind. But now they do Uniqlo Kids and Babies online (again this might not be news but it is to me!)

So as you have predicted I have been having an online browse, and these are on my wish list for this Autumn/Winter.


Monday, 16 September 2013

Beaux's First Birthday Party

This week sees Beaux's first birthday and it comes bitter sweet, he's such a happy, contented and social-able little baby that the first year of this life has been filled with loving memories and I keep watching him sleep cosy in my arms reminiscing, I will really miss the baby stage. But with that said I love seeing him toddle around, pointing inquisitively at everything asking 'wha dat?' and I know there is so much to look forward to.

We had a small family only stripes, spots and checks themed first birthday party at home, Beaux thoroughly enjoyed being center of attention surrounded by loving faces he knows well.

He was given lots of lovely and thoughtful gifts and I baked him a lemon sponge birthday cake, I am guessing he liked it a lot as he actually said 'ummm' with his first mouthful, he even tried to pinch his Nana's slice when she wasn't looking!

It really was a magical day and we look forward to seeing him blossom and grow in the next year ahead, our precious little lad.


Friday, 13 September 2013

An unusual birthday gift

My sister knows me sooo well, I keep telling her that I want to chop all of my hair off to a short pixie style but worried that it will be high maintenance and love the comfort of being able to wash and go curly or pin up in a messy do when I'm rushed for time, which lets face it with two little lads is most of the time!!

It was my birthday last week and my sister bought me a short pixie 100% human hair wig and I loooooove it!! I never have to have a bad hair day again! I love being able to change my look instantly and its zero fuss!

I actually don't know anything about hair or wigs but my sister is queen of hair and has her own amazing blog Simply into My Hair she also has this wig and has chopped, styled and contemplating dying hers, have a look at her reviews on wigs.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Butlins Bognor Regis Beach

Okay it's not technically Butlin's beach but it is right on their doorstep. Literally a couple of minutes walk from the Butlins Bognor Regis resort and we were dipping our toes in the cool water and skimming stones.

I though I was a sandy beach kinda girl but we spent a lovely afternoon at the pebbled beach. The sun was shining, we ate ice cream, played with Beaux's windmill and went crab spotting (we spotted a few, much to Tigers delight!)

The Bognor Regis Beach looked to be a couple miles long and has a path that runs along part of it with small stalls and shops. There was a little train that went into Bognor town which looked great but we had so much that we wanted to do in the Butlins resort that we just didn't have the time to venture further afield, had we been there for a week we would have definitely spent a full day at the beach.


Monday, 9 September 2013

Butlins Bognor Regis Review

I couldn't believe it when I was chosen to become a Butlins Ambassador and therefore fortunate enough to be able to visit our chosen Butlins Resort. If I am completely honest we had never even thought about visiting Butlins before and although I felt honored to be an Ambassador it wasn't until I started planning our holiday and had spoken to friends who have already been that I really started to get excited about going. We chose to visit Butlins Bognor Regis as it is the closest resort to us and once I saw the new Wave Hotel on the Butlins Website I was sold!

As a family Butlins exceeded our expectations, we had a fantastic time! Before we even went I received regular email updates with FAQs, events on during our stay or just a count down until our holiday. I really felt valued and not just forgotten about once the booking was made.

I don't know where to start as there is so much to tell so I have broken it down into categories that I would want to know about if I were reading this review, The Hotel Room, The Entertainment and Meals Times.

The Hotel - We stayed in The Wave Hotel in a Dolphin Room and it is lovely, exactly how it looks on the Butlins website! No prizes for guessing that it has an ocean theme which wasn't too over the top, it was subtly done with attention to detail like the little submarine type window to the children's rooms or the neon lights in the children's bunk beds which were like little cosy cabins. They loved that they had tv's with dvd players at the end of their bunk bed and have been bugging us ever since to let them have the same at home! The bathroom was lovely, clean and still felt brand new. We were on the 5th floor and had a balcony from which you could see the fair ground and sea in the distance, we were lucky with the weather and would often sit on the balcony for a little bit of quiet time. In the Wave Hotel there is house keeping daily and they changed our towels if necessary, replacing with super cute towel pets which was a lovely touch. The kids couldn't wait to see what towel pet they would receive next.

Look how excited the kids were when we arrived at the Dolphin Room...

Butlins - Wave Hotel
Wave Hotel Lobby
Tiger and Beaux enjoying a bit of Toy Story on their own TV
If you ask Tiger about Butlins this Octopus will be mentioned, he loved it!
I love this little submarine style window to the children's bedroom. It meant I could peer through to check on them without disturbing
Violet and Tiger checking our bed the only way they know how
Yes still checking
Beaux getting in on the action too!
The Dolphin Room Bathroom - The complimentary toiletries were lovely
Meet Fluffs our first towel pet.
Meal Times - I was actually dreading the meals, we had just got back from our All Inclusive family holiday to Turkey and meal times were buffets, by the end of the holiday I was craving a nice home cooked meal. So imagine my delight when we walked into The Deck, it was just like a nice restaurant not the canteen that I was picturing, I immediately spotted the roast with all the trimmings! It didn't disappoint. The kids were also spoiled for choice, yes they had chicken nuggets and chips but they also had fresh pasta dishes made to order in front of you which went down well with Tiger. We ate there for breakfast and dinner and there was always loads to choose from.

Beaux is at that stage of weaning where he should be eating the same meals as us, but sometime I fret about the amount of sugar and salt in meals not prepared by myself so I always tend to bring my own baby food pouches just in case. Had he been younger and I was still sterilising bottles I may have thought that the hotel wasn't an option for us, but Butlins earned extra points when I discovered the baby room in the restaurant. It had jars of baby food and a microwave meaning if I was still sterilising I could have bought along our travel microwave steriliser. It really felt like Butlins had thought of everything to make our holiday as stress free as possible.

How cool is this wall - The Birdmen of Bognor Pier

A variety of lovely foods

This baby room in the restaurant was a massive thumbs up for me
The Entertainment - Was fantastic! We were never stuck with what to do next! In fact we were given a really helpful time table of all the activities and shows on each day. There was even recommendations if we were feeling unsure of what to do.

We were very lucky with the weather but even if it was pouring down with rain a lot of the entertainment is under shelter so the rain wouldn't have dampen our days. We did so much but our highlights were Splash Waterworld, a massive water park that has something for everyone. Violet, Tiger and myself are little adrenaline junkies so we were on the slides none stop! We all loved The Big Top Circus, probably the best we've ever seen, Beaux was mesmerized by the lady swinging from the ceiling and Tiger (and The Mister for a matter of fact) were laughing their heads off at the clowns. The beach was gorgeous, so gorgeous in fact I will be doing a separate post for that this week. The fairground rides were brilliant, we never had to queue very long for a ride and it was great that there are rides for everyone to enjoy, even Beaux went on his first ride and loved it!

Look no hands!

Indoor riders
Soft play for the under 3s

Butlins exceeded our expectations in every way possible, it was a lovely way to end our summer holidays and we were all sad to leave. I would highly recommend it to families of all ages and we would love to go again soon.

For more information, bookings and brouchers please see

Disclaimer: As a Butlins Ambassador we were invited to review a Butlins Resort of our choice. All opinions, photographs and videos are my own
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