Monday, 2 September 2013

Final Reduction Sales - New Look

I love rummaging in the final reduction sales when prices are rock bottom. It can be hit and miss but when you find a gem you love it even more when it so dirt cheap! I don't usually dress head to toe in the same shop but I love this New Look final reduction sales outfit. The whole outfit cost just £12! What's not to love at that price?! I think each piece was reduced twice! The New Look Final Reduction Sale is almost over so get there quickly to grab some bargains.

New Look Sale Vest £3.00 Belt £3.00 Skirt £6.00

Pink Skittle Nails Simply Into my Nails



  1. Gorgeous! Love the whole outfit. Did they only have be one belt left???

    1. Thank you! No actually, they did have a few S/M left x

    2. Well done! What a bargain! Now I want to go shopping.

    3. Go do it!! It's late now but there's always online shopping! ...if you haven't noticed, I love shopping!! x


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