Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Beaux's Winter Wardrobe

Okay winter is now in full swing and it's freezing! Hooray!! Not hooray to the cold but hooray I can finally get out 'THAT Baby Gap fur trimmed Parka Coat' I'm sure I can't be the only one who has an unnatural attachment to certain baby clothes. This Baby Gap Parka was once Tiger's and I have such fond memories of him toddling down the road collecting fallen leaves and waving hello to all passers by, so I'm excited about doing the same with Beaux except he loves to run everywhere, splash in any puddle he sees and chase cats! It's funny how they have such different personalities.

I really do believe you should buy really good quality winter coats, this Baby Gap Parka was actually a preloved second hand but from eBay and is still in perfect condition, it's so well made. The fur doesn't shed and the coat is still really puffy and warm even after loads of washes.

I adore these these little high tops from H&M they are so cute but more importantly to me they are really light in weight so easy for Beaux to run about in. Also the lace are elasticated therefore really easy for me to slip on and off!


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bike Ride - Swinley Forest to The Look Out

I am in love with my new old vintage town bike Binky and I couldn't wait to go for a bike ride with my whole family just as we did with my family when I was a little girl.

We chose Swinley Forest as it has popular bike routes for all abilities and thought it would be nice to end up at The Look Out which has a great adventure playground and has a cafe to have lunch. Currently Tiger is still in a child's seat as he isn't confident on his bike yet and it would have taken forever to get to our destination. A kind lady from a local community Facebook Group which I am part of gave me a Trail Gator which we will be attaching to The Misters bike the next time so Tiger can peddle away too.

The bike route from Savernack Swinley forest to The Look out was an easy first bike ride, with well used dirt tracks or paths and only a few roads to cross, none of which are particularly busy. There was plenty to look at, obviously everything you expect to see in a forest as well as little streams and bridges. It was nice to have a destination to break it up a bit and to treat ourselves to a lovely coffee cake at the cafe (well just think of the calories we burnt cycling!). The route back to Savernack was all down hill on the way back -Bonus!!


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tiger's favorite holiday, even more than Christmas!

Boy dressed as a vampire

Boy in vampire costume

Boy Vampire

Tiger loves all things spooky so can't wait for Halloween, life has literally been spooky themed for weeks now, from bat shaped sandwiches to plastic spiders being hidden in our bed! He's so hyped up for the big day!

This year his costume (chosen by himself) is a vampire skeleton, I think he couldn't decide on either a vampire or a skeleton so he chose both! I am quite impressed with this vampire cape, it was from Poundland and lights up red when you press a button. The skeleton is a glow in the dark pyjama set from H&M £7.99, I know i'm totally bias but possibly the cutest vampire skeleton there is!!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A follower of fashion?

I always say that I don't follow fashion but that's not technically true! Okay I don't follow fashion BUT when I hear through the grapevine what's in fashion and it's a throwback I use to love then I get excited!

Block heels are all the rage this autumn/winter and I am delighted, I get serious high heel envy as I can't wear high heels, the most I can manage is a midi heel as I hate feeling uncomfortable! So block heels are perfect for me, I can get the height without the pain!

These Sixtyseven ankle boots are from TK Maxx I've never heard of Sixtyseven before but I'm now a fan! These boots will look great with skinnies but I will be mainly wear them with dresses and thick tights. They are so flattering and because of the bulkiness of them they make my legs look slimmer and the height makes them look long!! I have a feeling these won't be by last block heel purchase the autumn/winter!


Monday, 21 October 2013

My Baby Pumpkin

Baby Pumpkin Costume

Baby Pumpkins

Baby Halloween Costume

Baby holding a pumpkin

Laughing baby in costume

There's a rule somewhere that says all babies must at some point have their photos taken in a laundry basket and be dressed as a pumpkin for Halloween so how could I change tradition! Beaux loved dressing up as a pumpkin for Halloween even keeping the hood up which never happens! He really enjoyed exploring, playing and kicking about the pumpkins and I loved taking photos of his excitement.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Tiger's Winter Wardrobe

I love a bargain but there are somethings I think you should pay more for to make the most of your money, winter coats and shoes are definitely those. I want our winter coast to last throughout the cold months and lets face it, the cold months are much longer than the warm ones in the UK!

I have always loved faux fur hooded Parka Coats on Tiger but I thought I would try something different this year and came across this Padded Coat in H&M, I love the spin on the camouflage which are dinosaurs but not completely obvious until you take a closer look. When looking for a winter coat I look for something thick, warm but not too heavy. Stretchy cuffs are a must to keep the cold out and I also prefer when the back of the coat is longer than the front, I think it looks nicer plus it keeps his bum warm! This H&M Padded Coat ticks all of my boxes, Tiger loves it and so do I!

Boy in padded winter coat
Padded Coat H&M £25.99
H&M dinosaur coat

By now you should know that I have a serious Converse problem and I dread to think how many pairs Tiger has owed throughout the years! So it wont be a shock to hear that his winter shoes are also Converse. The Canvas Converse can be too cold and are not waterproof so are not ideal for winter  months, we've upgraded to the leather version. They have some really cool leather high-top designs and cost between £40-£50 I've kept costs down by buying 'Nearly New' seconds from eBay, which were half the price and were in great condition.
Black leather Converse
Leather Converse eBay £25, Jeans Primark £3 (sale)
Leather Converse Hightops

Boy in winter clothes

Leather Black Converse Hightops


Monday, 14 October 2013


Vintage town bike

Vintage wicker bike basket

Vintage bike bell

Black town bike

Vintage bike

Bike with wicker basket

Welcome the newest member to our family Binky! My new little Vintage Town Bike. I found her on eBay and as soon as I saw this little Town Bike I knew she had to be mine, the starting bid was £60 or a buy it now of £100, I didn't want the risk of auction and thought £100 for a Town Bike in such lovely condition (having just had a service) was a bargain!

You always run the risk of people being dishonest or bending the truth when buying anything on eBay but luckily for me the lady who sold her due to a house move was lovely and actually this town bike was more beautiful than I imagined, well loved and rides like a dream!

I always grew up having bikes and always went on weekly bike rides. There is something about having an old town bike with three simple gears and cute little wicket baskets that reminds me of being a little girl, so much so that I want to put little reflector bike spokes on Binky!

I've been on a few mini bike rides, one to pick some blackberries (I can't believe there are still some about!) and the other to feed the ducks with Beaux. He loved it, all I could hear was his excited "ooh wow, weee" behind me. So Binky my new old little vintage town bike has inspired me to add a new section to this blog, I will be sharing our family bike ride adventures with you and I can't wait!


Thursday, 10 October 2013

Little Chortles - smooth operator

Wanted poster

Tiger on relationships
Couple in their car chairs leaned back having a snog!
"They are going to have a good sleep later in the car!!"

Tiger on comfortable temperatures
Mummy: Take your jumper off you must be hot!
Tiger: I'm not hot just very very very warm!

Gets into bed with me
"Mummy you are very hot! Hot like a steamed pancake!!"

Tiger on Freebies
Coming home after a weekend away with his auntie
Mummy: You are very lucky, Auntie T always buys you lovely presents when you go to stay with her.
Tiger: I know, Auntie T is very nice! Maybe you could go and stay with her and get some presents too!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Little hidden gems

Myself and The Mister try our best to get away just the two of us at least once a month. We are extremely lucky to have my mum and sister who are always willing to have the little lads stay with them.

So this months little get away was to Poole. The Mister knows the area well as his Granny was originally from there and we have been a quite a few times as a family. I love it there, the beaches are my favorite beaches in the UK but I never expect to see anywhere new. Which is probably half the reason I fell in love with this darling little cafe, if you didn't know about South Deep Cafe you would never know it was even there. Placed beautifully by the sea in a little marina.

The full English breakfast was amazing, the sun was shining and it was just lovely to look out to sea watching the boats sail in and out with a hot cuppa.  A lovely little way to end our weekend away before heading back to collect and cuddle the hell out of our little lads.


South Deep Cafe Poole

South Deep Cafe Poole

Danger Crocodile Sign

Couple by the sea

Colourful sailing boats

Sun flare boat shot


Friday, 4 October 2013

Little Chortles are back!!

Boys angry face
Boy silly face
Boy poking his tongue
Side Smile
Cute boy

Sorry we've been a bit slack with our Little Chortles but don't worry I've been jotting down all the little funny things Tiger has been saying to share with you all. I love having a place where I can look back and have a little chuckle at how my little lads view the world.

From the mouth of babes...

Tiger on a hole in his bucket - "It's not leaking it's dripping!"

Tiger's Food Logic - "Mummy I'm hungry could you not cut my sandwiches into small squares but leave them in big rectangles?!"

Don't ask silly questions, you will only get silly answers - 
(Tiger falls over and is crying)
Mummy: Are you okay, where hurts?
(Points to his wrists)
Mummy: (Rubs it and kisses it better but Tiger is still crying) What does it feel like?
Tiger: PAIN!!!

Tiger on Essential Rhyming Words-
Mummy: So Tiger what did you learn at big school today?
Tiger: Just rhyming words
Mummy: Wow thats interesting, what rhyming words do you know?
Tiger: Just the good ones like PEE and WEE!!

Tiger on Foreign Languages
Mummy: Did you learn anything interesting at school today?
Tiger: Yes we learnt how to talk FRANCE
Mummy: Ooh Bonjour
Tiger: Mummy I didn't know you are FRANCE!!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Vintage Hats Secrets

Yay its Autumn and its feeling a little nippy out and a little nippy is all the excuse I need to get my hordes of vintage hats out! I'm a hat addict from Trilby's to Bowlers to Turbans I love them all! Besides keeping you warm (errr obviously) they are a great fashion accessory and fabulous pick me up AND they hide a bad hair day. In the above photos I have just straightened my fringe and beneath the hat is hair that resembles a birds nest (twigs included!)

I found this Fedora in a Charity Shop, its lovely quality and 100% wool, it cost me only £10, had I bought this new I would probably have had to pay £60! I do love a bargain! I wasn't just browsing I actually set out looking for a new vintage hat in my fav chazzers (its what all the cool kids are calling Charity Shops these days) and was disappointed when I couldn't find any that fit or that I liked (Tip: Don't forget to have a look in the gentlemen's section, this is actually a mans hat!) So I started asking the volunteers in the Charity Shop if they had any hats in the storage room, most volunteers are happy to have a look for you providing they are authorised to price it. This is how I came to find my newest love.
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