Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Beaux's Winter Wardrobe

Okay winter is now in full swing and it's freezing! Hooray!! Not hooray to the cold but hooray I can finally get out 'THAT Baby Gap fur trimmed Parka Coat' I'm sure I can't be the only one who has an unnatural attachment to certain baby clothes. This Baby Gap Parka was once Tiger's and I have such fond memories of him toddling down the road collecting fallen leaves and waving hello to all passers by, so I'm excited about doing the same with Beaux except he loves to run everywhere, splash in any puddle he sees and chase cats! It's funny how they have such different personalities.

I really do believe you should buy really good quality winter coats, this Baby Gap Parka was actually a preloved second hand but from eBay and is still in perfect condition, it's so well made. The fur doesn't shed and the coat is still really puffy and warm even after loads of washes.

I adore these these little high tops from H&M they are so cute but more importantly to me they are really light in weight so easy for Beaux to run about in. Also the lace are elasticated therefore really easy for me to slip on and off!


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