Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bike Ride - Swinley Forest to The Look Out

I am in love with my new old vintage town bike Binky and I couldn't wait to go for a bike ride with my whole family just as we did with my family when I was a little girl.

We chose Swinley Forest as it has popular bike routes for all abilities and thought it would be nice to end up at The Look Out which has a great adventure playground and has a cafe to have lunch. Currently Tiger is still in a child's seat as he isn't confident on his bike yet and it would have taken forever to get to our destination. A kind lady from a local community Facebook Group which I am part of gave me a Trail Gator which we will be attaching to The Misters bike the next time so Tiger can peddle away too.

The bike route from Savernack Swinley forest to The Look out was an easy first bike ride, with well used dirt tracks or paths and only a few roads to cross, none of which are particularly busy. There was plenty to look at, obviously everything you expect to see in a forest as well as little streams and bridges. It was nice to have a destination to break it up a bit and to treat ourselves to a lovely coffee cake at the cafe (well just think of the calories we burnt cycling!). The route back to Savernack was all down hill on the way back -Bonus!!


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